Weed Odor Guide: How to Get Rid of Weed Smell

The indisputable aroma of weed can leave a lasting mark on your environment, soaking into any and every object within its path to brand its scent into the item for an ambiguous amount of time. Smoking indoors will present an array of odor problems, due to the strength of the weed odor and the difficulty in which most individuals will experience in trying to expel this aroma from their personal items and environment(s). Whether the smell of weed contaminates your clothing and skin, your car, or even within the indoor space of your home, the removal process for the surfaces and items in your home of weed smell will require time, energy and an effective odor elimination technology that works on a variety of compounds and odors – even the strongest aromas like marijuana!

In this article we are going to discuss the impact that weed smell can have on any indoor environments, learn why weed produces this putrid aroma and understand the key methods to utilize to expel the smell of weed from a variety of surfaces and items that the chemical smell may have contaminated in the environment.

Weed Smell Composition

The composition of weed smell can come from a variety of chemical compounds present within the marijuana plant – and depending on the strain the chemicals can be exponentially greater, leaving you with a more drastic odor in the environment. The breakdown of the chemical structure and composition of weed includes over 400 different chemicals present in the marijuana plant, and at least 60 of these chemicals are classified as cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are a naturally occurring compound that is found in the Cannabis sativa plant, and the most well-known of this chemical compound is the delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol which acts as the main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis.

Weed Smell CompositionIn addition, weed also consists of chemicals that work to determine how things smell called terpenes. Terpenes are organic compounds that provide aroma and flavor in the cannabis plant, along with a variety of other plants. The composition of a single strain of weed can contain hundreds of different terpenes, which is why certain strains of marijuana have a particular odor. Many of these terpenes will smell like thiols, a chemical that is found within skunk spray smell. Thus, the long-time comparison between the smell of marijuana and the odor of a skunk.

Lastly, weed plants will also contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs) within its construction, and these chemicals are often produced from or created from the terpenes found in the marijuana plant. VOCs are considered potentially hazardous chemicals in the environment that rapidly turn from a solid/liquid into a gas in the airspace. Typically, these VOCs created from terpenes are harmless until they combine with combustion gases in the environment to create ozone emissions in the environment. According to Science Daily, although ozone in the upper atmosphere acts as a protective barrier to UV Rays, when ozone is at ground-level it can become a toxic substance that is specifically harmful to humans that are exposed to the substance through inhalation or ingestion.

What Does Weed Smell Like

When weed is growing on the cannabis plant the smell that the plant can acquire during the growth phase and additionally during the harvest phase will be slightly comparable to that of “skunk smell”. As we discussed previously, weed is composed of terpenes, a group of organic compounds that are responsible for the odors produced from marijuana/weed. There are hundreds of different terpenes that are found in most strains of marijuana, all of which will take on specific odors that will contribute to the overall weed smell emitted from smoking this plant in an indoor space.

Typically, however, the smell of weed has been related to the skunk spray smell emitted from a skunk when they release their concoction of thiols, a strong chemical that produces the recognizable odor in the air. Many terpenes found in weed can take on the same odor as skunk spray thiols, which is why most people will find that weed smell is distinctly similar to skunk smell. In addition, other people have also labeled weed smell as an earthy, wood aroma or even an herbal or flowery smell that the weed will leave in the environment.

How Long Does the Smell of Weed Last?

How Long Does the Smell of Weed LastA particularly important question, when it comes to smoking weed indoors is “how long does the smell of weed last in the air?”. If you smoke weed indoors within a closed environment, there are many variables that will play a role in the duration that the weed aroma will linger and last in the air. These factors will include the amount of ventilation and air flow, how large the indoor space is, the strength of the weed strain, and how much weed was smoked within this environment. Generally, the smell of weed will linger for about 2 to 5 days in the indoor environment, this will however, depend on the potency of the weed.

How to Get Weed Smell Out

The mitigation and removal of weed aroma in the environment is something that in many cases must be performed, especially when the smell has overtaken an indoor environment like a home, car, or even has left a mark on skin or clothing. There are many different weed removal methods that are utilized today to get weed smell out of a variety of items and environments, including incense, essential oils, baking soda, air fresheners, candles, sanitizers, and even air quality solutions like filters and air purifiers. However, depending on the environment that the smell has overtaken or the items that have become embedded with the weed smell, there are certain solutions that are best to take. Therefore, below we have created a guide on how to get rid of weed smell on clothes or on certain areas and items – including the solutions to use and how to implement them into the environment to rid the weed smell.

How to Get Weed Smell Off You & Clothing

How to Get Weed Smell Off You & ClothingHave you ever dealt with the potent strength of weed smell on your hands from rolling or smoking weed? Generally, due to the proximity to the weed substance hands can become an odor absorbed to the smell of weed, and fairly quickly. When weed smoke aroma consumes the skin of your hands it will leave an unpleasant smell that will need to be removed quickly and effectively. Some weed smokers will turn to antibacterial soap, hand sanitizers, and even vinegar to remove weed aroma from hands, however, do these methods actually work? We recommend that you utilize a proprietary hand soap that works specifically to eradicate odors including weed odor from the skin of your hands, like the EnviroKlenz Hand Soap & Deodorizer.

In addition, clothing can also become tainted by the odors produced from weed and its smoke, and when you are smoking the clothes that you are wearing are bound to become soaked in the weed smell quickly. Therefore, you may need to integrate odor neutralizing laundry additives for weed removal in your regular wash cycle. These additives can be easily used with laundry detergent to provide a full spectrum odor and chemical removal on clothing, effectively.

How to Get Weed Smell Out of Car

Cars are known for being odor-absorbers that will collect and contain odors within the upholstery of the vehicle. And thus, when you smoke weed within the confinement of a car, it is likely to result in a strong-potent marijuana odor inside of the car including in the fabric seats, floorboards, and hanging in the air conditioning vents. The composition of weed smell and smoke can make the presence of these chemicals somewhat dangerous when in the small confinement of a car that can lead to great levels of exposure to humans. Therefore, it is important to integrate air quality solutions like odor eliminating pads in the car, along with source treatment’s that can be applied to the surfaces of the car to mitigate the chemical compounds present in weed.

How to Get Weed Smell Out of House

How to Get Weed Smell Out of HouseThere is nothing worse than having the smell of weed lingering within the space of your home, especially if you rent or lease an apartment, condo or home that strictly impedes the use of marijuana and smoke within the space – leaving you to a compromising situation that could potentially result in an eviction if you are not careful. The development and creation of air quality and odor mitigating solutions have thus been designed to help with this specific situation and providing the capability to eliminate even the strongest odors from the environment such as weed and its smoke.

Air quality solutions such as carbon filters or activated charcoal are among the most popular for the use of getting rid of weed smell out of a house – due to the carbons ability to readily absorb odors quickly onto a large surface media. However, when it comes to selecting an air purifier for weed smoke removal in your indoor environment, a carbon filter may not be the best air filtration technology to utilize to effectively eliminate the smell for good.

Air Purifier for Weed Smoke Indoors

How to get weed smell out of room? The composition of weed smoke is extensive, containing an amalgamation of chemical compounds, noxious odors, and toxic chemicals like VOCs and ozone into the environment are all a potentially lethal combination that will need remediation and mitigation of when present in an indoor environment like a home. If you are stuck dealing with strong weed odors in your home, the best solution may be to integrate an air purifier for weed smoke removal in the space. Air purifiers are devices that are designed to filter and remove pollutants from the air including chemical compounds, noxious odors, and fine particulate matter. However, not every air purification technology is the same and they can all work to remove only certain pollutants from the air

The EnviroKlenz Mobile Air System is a versatile and effective air purification system that has been proven effective at removing the complex structures of weed smoke and odor from the air of the environment. EnviroKlenz utilizes a patented earth mineral technology that works through “adsorptive neutralization” to capture, contain, and neutralize a broad spectrum of noxious and toxic chemicals and odor from the environment such as VOCs. In addition to the EnviroKlenz technology, within the EnviroKlenz Mobile Air System is also a hospital-grade HEPA filter that works for fine particulate removal larger than 0.3 microns in size at a 99.99 percent efficiency.

Mobile Air System

$700.00 $649.99

Patented earth mineral technology works to attack VOCs and break them down on a compound level

No chemicals or masking agents

Will not release any chemicals back into your environment

Safer and faster at removing VOC’s than traditional carbon filters and PECO air purifiers

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