EnviroKlenz Breathing Mask for Pollution- 3pack

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The Specs

  • 3 pieces per package
  • Lasts up to 3 months under normal use
  • Provides chemical odor neutralization and particulate removal

EnviroKlenz Breathing Mask for Pollution & VOCs

Breathe Clean Air… No Matter Where You Go

City living is dangerous. Especially if you’ve got MCS or highly sensitive allergies that react strongly to smog and other irritants in the air. There’s nothing quite like just trying to go to work every day, and arriving with red, swollen sinuses that take hours to calm down.

The solution, we believe, is to chemically dismantle the vast majority of irritating fumes and chemical compounds before they ever reach your nose or your mouth.

This EnviroKlenz mask was specifically designed for people with chemical sensitivities and allergies to minimize their exposure to them, even as they walk through a world that’s full of them. It protects you from things like smog, VOCs, cleaning fumes, pollen, dander, offending perfumes, dust, and spores, among other things.

More importantly, the masks are reusable, lightweight, and comfortable. (And latex free.) So they don’t irritate your face while you’re wearing them, and they don’t make you itch, replacing one problem with another.

This is a mini air filtration device that covers the most vulnerable parts of your body… your nose and mouth… from being affected by VOCs all around you. They’re perfect for when you have to leave the “safe spaces” of your home or office and give you the confidence to go about your day and run errands without getting sick afterward.


  •    Zinc Oxide
  • Magnesium Oxide
  • Titanium Dioxide

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*This product is not NIOSH approved for occupational purposes.*

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EnviroKlenz® Face Mask- 3pack

Chemical odors and malodors are everywhere and now you can minimize your exposure with the EnviroKlenz Face Mask. The mask utilizes the EnviroKlenz patented earth mineral technology to neutralize airborne odors and the fibers of the mask can filter out many common particulates.

Reduces Exposure To Many Environmental Triggers:

  • Fragrances and Odors
  • Chemicals and VOCs
  • General Pollution
  • Pollen
  • Dust & Dander

How does EnviroKlenz Face Mask Work?

We have the belief that limiting exposure is one of the best strategies for an individual with environmental illness and chemical sensitivities. We are constantly breathing and the world around us is full of chemical pollution, odors, and fragrances. Individuals can make choices for the foods, medicines, and other things they ingest, but it is much more challenging to choose what is in the air we are breathing. Air filtration devices do a great job of removing particulate matter, but chemicals and odors are not easily caught by sized-based filtration technology and what do you do when you have to leave the comfort of your safe space?

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2 reviews for EnviroKlenz Breathing Mask for Pollution- 3pack

  1. Susan Y.

    My hubby & I both use these masks to alleviate our allergies to mown grass, pollen, mold etc. We’re very satisfied with their performance.

  2. Roch S

    I like the quality of the masks. I have used it on a few occasions already. It seems to work well. I just have to learn to wear it before I am exposed to chemicals.

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