Mold can do some serious damage to our walls, so it is imperative to find out if we have such an infestation as soon as possible. If it’s not feasible to replace the drywall with a conservative alternative, you’ll have to come up with better, more hassle-free methods of detecting an invasion of mold.

Below, we will talk about 3 surefire ways to find out if it’s possible that there is mold in/on your walls.

Are the Walls Holding Moisture_1. Are The Walls Holding Moisture?

If your residence has recently been exposed to floodwaters, it is almost certain that the walls are going to be infested by mold within a short span of time. As a result, it is vital to remove your drywall immediately, and also replace it without wasting much time.

However, the question of how much wall to remove will depend on the amount of moisture it has been exposed to. In case it is not possible for you to measure the amount of moisture on the walls, you can buy a moisture meter that will do the job for you.

Otherwise, make it a point to employ a mold removal company that has the required experience, as well as equipment, to perform the task quickly and impeccably.

2. Are There Any Visible Signs Of Mold?

It is a fact that mold tends to leave clues behind them, one of which will be the visibility of their growth. Mold has the ability to discolor the walls and spread very fast. In case there is any indication of mold, it is highly probable that they have entered deep inside the drywall.

Although it is possible to clean some surface mold, you will need to replace the wall in case the mold has entered inside. Try to inspect your residence comprehensively, so you can be sure that there is no mold in the walls. Do not forget to also look at the walls behind your furniture, and other fixtures as well.

3. Is There An Odor?

In most cases, molds leave behind a unique smell, which may allow you to find out what type of mold you’re actually dealing with. Most of us are aware of the nature of the typical mold smell and therefore, it will be very easy for us to identify their presence.

Whenever you’re able to smell something that seems like that of mold, do not hesitate to investigate a bit further and be sure of their existence. However, do not allow your nose to become familiar with the smell, because then you may not be able to tell that something is wrong.


Nobody wants their walls to be infested by mold, but many of us are not able to avoid this. Molds prefer to stay in moist areas, and moisture is something which we simply cannot avoid in our daily lives.

Moisture is almost everywhere, from sources like leaks, floodwaters, and others. Molds have a propensity to spread very fast, so therefore, do not give a second thought to beginning the process of removal, as soon as possible.

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