our sustainability commitment

Our commitment to sustainability

Sustainability is at our core

At EnviroKlenz, we are firm believers in a greener future for all, which inspires us to prioritize sustainability throughout every component of our brand – from material sourcing, to manufacturing and packaging processes, to Company-wide practices – we call it our 360-approach to sustainability.

360° of sustainability

From product inception and manufacturing, all the way to disposal, EnviroKlenz’s mission and core values are on personal safety and environmental sustainability.  

We promise our Customers safe, USA-made products that never contain any harmful ingredients, but are made to powerfully klenz their environments of day-to-day toxics for safer and healthier world to thrive in – after all, it’s in our name.  

natural origins

Natural origins

It’s no secret that Earth’s minerals hold immense power on their own. That’s why we harness this natural power with a bit of clean science to create ultra-purifying solutions for the home, using a simple blend of metal oxides.

These ingredients make up our core FAST-ACT technology, used to power all EnviroKlenz solutions.

The science behind our belief

Our Customers deserve solutions they can trust to safely eliminate toxins from their environment, without using any to do so. That’s why we’ve extensively and continuously tested the efficacy of our solutions through third-party labs and real-world case studies, to prove our solutions not only work, but are safe for people and the planet.

EnviroKlenz is made for everyone

We’re here to build a more sustainable future for all, which is why we prioritize helping Customers in and out of the home. Our reach spreads far, from schools to worship centers, providing clean breathing air to over 7 million people, worldwide.

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    Spreading sustainability, together

    Sustainability isn’t led by just one person. We surround our brand with other eco-conscious leaders who support values like environmental justiceclimate resiliency, and waste reduction, and inspire us to continue transforming ourselves into a more sustainable brand. Together, we empower others through our CARE Initiative – highlighting Craftsmanship, Accessibility, Responsibility, and Eco-Friendliness.

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