Who We Are

From the manufacturer of OdorKlenz products, EnviroKlenz was created by the inspiration and feedback of our Chemically Sensitive Customers and those with environmental illnesses.

When you realize you’re not alone… and that there are other people out there like you with the same struggles…

It feels pretty good.

Not because other people are suffering, but just to know that there are others out there who struggle the same way you do. And that there are companies out there (like ours) actively doing our best to serve you and make your lives better.

It’s our goal to wholeheartedly serve the community of extreme allergy sufferers, people with MCS, allergies, environmental illnesses, environmental sensitivities, and the LOHAS (lifestyle of health and sustainability) niche.

As we were developing our product line, we worked meticulously with MCS influencers, environmentalists, and support groups as we diligently tested every possible combination for the safest and most effective applications possible.

After all, that testing was done, we launched our business not so much as a products business, but as an entity to help improve the air quality of each and every Customer that we serve.

We created a simple line of products to provide every possible solution someone would need, and even launched a blog and a podcast to share helpful information so you can make lifestyle improvements beyond just buying and using our products.

Because taking deep breaths and not worrying about inhaling toxins just feels really, really good.

“I live in Los Angeles with very poor air quality. In my home, I now have peace of mind that my indoor air quality is safe and relish coming home after breathing in toxic air when I’m out.” – Wendy Myers


“I have never found an odor-eliminating product that works 100% Then I discovered EnviroKlenz, which is a game changer… I thought nothing would take the odor out of my dog’s bed (I have a very smelly Chihuahua), and but when I used the Enviroklenz laundry booster in my rinse cycle, the odor was completely gone!” –Sophie Uliano


“I have had great results with these products as well and tolerate them even with my extensive allergies and sensitivities.” –Dr. Jennifer Weinberg
“I’m glad nobody was in the laundry room, although being wide-eyed while muttering “are you kidding me” probably would have made a pretty good YouTube video for selling your product! This product worked even better than advertised at getting the fragrance out of my linens.” –D. Springer

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