Our Mission

EnviroKlenz was designed with the simple purpose of creating safer spaces for all.
Our origins stem from one patented formula that has created limitless possibilities for removing impurities from the world, so people can embrace life in its purest form.

The formula that changed it all

Our journey begins in a unique place – the U.S. Department of Defense to be exact – where we were tasked with creating a safe, effective way of destroying the world’s most dangerous chemicals.

Using advanced earth minerals with years of science and research, we succeeded through our patented technology, known today as FAST-ACT. Soon, we discovered that this one innovative and vastly powerful formula, could be used for so much more – not just a trusted solution for the military, but a forever fix for everyday people.

natural origins
EnviroKlenz Non-toxic Collection

Reinventing healthy living

Following our mission of keeping life pure with a purpose, we created a collection of safe, clean products made for removing toxins from everyday living – with no extra scents, smells, or not-so-good chemicals included because, after all, clean has no odor.

From the breaths you take to the clothes you wear, and every mess, smell, or spill in between, we’ve rewritten the rules on healthy living through solutions built for every aspect of life.

EnviroKlenz, beyond the home

Healthy living follows you everywhere you go, which is why we made it our mission to serve people beyond the home. EnviroKlenz works with communities in education, business, government, and medical care to elevate health and safety through clean air solutions.

We have succeeded in this mission in over 13,000 schools nationwide, along with countless nursing homes, worship centers, municipality buildings, and corporate spaces in counting. With a passion for helping others and a strong belief in the power of safe solutions, EnviroKlenz strives to make our day-to-day spaces a little healthier for future generations to come.


Providing clean air to over 7 million people, worldwide

  • About EnviroKlenz
  • About EnviroKlenz
  • About EnviroKlenz

    Exceptional people building a healthier future

    EnviroKlenz is built on a foundation of real people who understand and care about the needs of others. Giving a personalized experience from start to finish is our evergreen goal, beginning with our engineers and ending with our Customer Service team, to serve our Customers at every stage of their journey with us.

    Our entire team is dedicated to allowing everyone to embrace life in its purest form, which is why we ensure the utmost quality and transparency through our US-made products for current and future generations to come.

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