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keep life pure with a purpose

Rewrite the rules on true healthy living, through clean products that let you embrace life in its purest form

Build your non-toxic life

    Hear from happy homes

    • SLEEP
    • The Customer Service is top-notch. Easy to contact with questions and friendly helpful service. You can tell this is a Company that cares about its Customers.

      Sarah T.
      testimonial 1
    • EnviroKlenz has given me a new lease on life! I don’t worry about smells in clothes because I know EnviroKlenz will remove them completely.

      Fiona Y.
      EnviroKlenz Laundry Enhancer Powder on top of white towels
    • This is the best laundry product I’ve used for my bedding, blankets, and more! No odors, so I can sleep peacefully without my allergies flaring up and keeping me awake.

      Tim F.
      Female Smelling Fresh Towel
    • I’m chemically sensitive- new clothes are extremely challenging for me. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to wear new clothes again until EnviroKlenz. Thank you for this product- I’m SO grateful for it!

      Dorthy C.
      EniroKlenz Liquid Laundry Enhancer in Laundry Basket
    • The first one did so well that we got a second for our downstairs. I’m allergic to house dust, and now I wake up without a sore throat or clogged sinuses. Great product!

      Steve G.
      testimonial 5
    • I feel safer knowing we have two EnviroKlenz units in our home–removing unwanted particles. The white noise in the bedroom helps me sleep.

      Jess G.
      testimonial 6
    • It’s the only product that removed the musty smell from my husband’s workout clothes without using harsh chemicals that irritant his and my skin – a win-win!

      Yasmin R.
      EnviroKlenz Laundry Enhancer Liquid With a Washing Machine in the Backround
    • Our first Air System worked so well for getting rid of new carpet smell that we decided to buy a second one – highly recommend for anyone with allergies or chemical sensitivities.

      Lucy J.
      testimonial 11
    • I have Chemical Fragrance Sensitivities, and I use EnviroKlenz when I buy new clothes that have chemical smells to them..it cleans those smells out in one washing!

      Joanne D.
      testimonial 12
    • This company is legit. EnviroKlenz really sells awesome products and great Customer Service. Don’t waste your money on other junk – This Company will be there for you.

      Joseph L.
      Female Using EnviroKlenz Air System Plus
    • I have allergies and two cats, so Enviroklenz has been a great help for me. Very great products!

      Mara H.
      testimonial 14
    • After I purchased my EnviroKlenz, I noticed I was breathing easier in the mornings, even at the height of allergy season for me! No more congestion! 

      Kathrine V.
      testimonial 15

      The science
      behind our belief

      At EnviroKlenz, we aren’t all talk. There’s a science behind our belief in pure, clean living, and it starts with our patented FAST-ACT minerals, uniquely enhanced to capture and eliminate toxins out of everyday life – from the air we breathe to the fabrics we wear, and every mess, smell, or spill in between.

      FAST-ACT earth minerals

      Shaping a better tomorrow

      Healthy living impacts more than just you and your day-to-day – it greatly contributes to the quality and safety of the world we live in.

      That is why we made it our mission to serve people in and out of the home through clean solutions and brand practices designed to elevate health and safety not only for people, but for the planet, too.

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