The EnviroKlenz® products use our nanotechnology called NanoActive that makes them very effective for chemical neutralization and odor elimination. However, the materials are NOT nanoparticles.

nano particlesThe term “nano” can mean different things and can be applied to many fields of science, technology, and research. Generally, it refers to technologies that deal with the special properties of things or matter that are sized below 100 nm in 2 or 3 dimensions. As materials get smaller, many different physical and chemical phenomena become pronounced. One example is that as the size of the materials decrease, the chemical reactivity or kinetics of reaction typically increase. In the case of odor neutralization, that would mean faster and more complete elimination of the odor. A potential drawback, however, is as materials get smaller in size they could potentially pose a safety concern due to the small size of the particles.

What makes the NanoActive technology special is that the benefits of the more effective chemical neutralization are derived without the concerns associated with small nanoparticles. In fact our particles are many times larger than traditional nanoparticles.

You are probably wondering how this is achieved? The EnviroKlenz
technology adsorbs and eliminates toxic and noxious chemicals by a
combination of both physical and chemisorption mechanisms. The advanced
high surface area chemistry of the EnviroKlenz neutralizing agents, in
combination with the high chemical neutralizing reactivity provides superior
chemical neutralization and odor elimination. This desired outcome is achieved
by our advanced technology while retaining the safety characteristics of the basic earth minerals.

We have a trade secret and patented processes in which we can produce our NanoActive metal oxide materials (which are inherently safe) and increase the usable surface area and pore volume. These increases allow the whole volume of the materials to be for chemical neutralization and not just the outside surface. Thus, we get the full activity of the nanomaterials, without being a nanoparticle.

These unique and advanced manufacturing approaches greatly enhance the beneficial neutralizing properties of the earth minerals by turning them into an active form while retaining their inherent safety characteristics. When EnviroKlenz compounds come into contact with harmful chemicals and vapors, the earth minerals’ receptors capture the bad chemicals. The manufacturing techniques are designed to facilitate, enhance, and add to that process. EnviroKlenz’s earth minerals more efficiently capture and destroy the harmful chemical through a process we call “adsorptive neutralization.”

EnviroKlenz has increased surface area, unique morphology, high chemical reactivity, and high porosity, all contributing to the enhanced adsorption and neutralizing characteristics. EnviroKlenz has the ability to not only contain, but to also chemically break down a wide variety of chemical compounds. This technology has been tested and certified for a broad array of chemical pollution mitigation including the highly toxic chemical warfare agents. The technology has been tested by the following laboratories for chemical breakdown and neutralization applications:

  • Battelle Memorial Institute
  • Edgewood Chemical Biological Command
  •  Coal Mines Technical Services
  • Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW)

    EnviroKlenz Technical Information

Additionally, the technology had gone through the Lloyds Register Product Verification Scheme for its ability to decontaminate airborne chemical contamination from enclosed spaces:

  •  Certificate PVS 1400001, dated June 17, 2014

For a product to be effective at minimizing triggers for individuals afflicted with MCS, a broad range of chemistries should be able to be reduced and/or neutralized while simultaneously not introducing any new chemical triggers. This is why the active components that comprise EnviroKlenz products were selected from those that are not only effective but have been proven safe through oral, pulmonary, ocular, and dermal toxicology testing conducted by leading independent certified laboratories:

  •  U.S. Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventative Medicine
  • MPI Researc
  •   Nelson Laboratories, Inc.The deployment method of the technology is also key as the chemical contaminates must come into contact with the adsorptive neutralizing material. Air moving systems provide an efficient mechanical mechanism to do this without the introduction of additional chemical pollutants. Timilon’s combination of adsorptive neutralization and mechanical filtration has been awarded a U.S. patent:
  •  8,496,735 Method and apparatus for control and elimination of undesirable substances. The patent describes the system (apparatus and method) for eliminating undesirable air-borne substances including a blower, air filtration cartridge using Timilon’s metal oxides technology and fibrous filtration media.

Additional select U.S. patents Timilon has in this area of research and development include:

  • 6,653,519 Reactive nanoparticles as destructive adsorbents for biological and chemical contamination
  •   7,276,640 Metal oxide nanoparticles for smoke clearing and fire suppression
  • 7,566,393 Method of sorbing sulfur compounds using mesoporous metal oxides
  • 8,038,935 Treatment of odors using nanocrystalline metal oxides
  •   9,039,817 Multilayered mixed bed filter for the removal of toxic gases from air streams andmethods thereof
  • 9,095,838 Adsorbent for removal of ammonia from air streams

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