Advantages of Using Paints With Low VOCs

Choosing a paint that will improve your indoor air quality and is safe for your family can be a daunting task. There are some factors you need to consider when buying eco-friendly paint for your home. We will discuss what VOCs are and why buying paints with low VOCs is the best idea for your home.

What Are Volatile Organic Compounds?

Volatile organic compounds (or VOCs) are carbon-containing substances that are easily converted into gases or vapors. They are toxic substance released by the drying paint and are present in cleaning products, coatings, and paints. In coatings, they help the paint to dry faster and enhance the quality of its application. Unfortunately, they might cause respiratory problems to people especially when applied indoors.

What Are Low VOC Paints?

Lower VOC paints are those paints that contain less than 50 grams of volatile compounds in one litre of paint, according to the Green Seal Standards. Zero VOC paints contain less than five grams of volatile compounds in one litre of paint. There are other types of paints that do not contain any volatile organic compound such as chalk or milk paints.

Because of the adverse effects of volatile organic compounds, paint manufacturers are now focusing more on the production of low VOC paints. Natural materials are also being used to produce paints because they do not have any adverse effects on human health. Low VOC paints are safe for expectant mothers and children.

Benefits of Using Low VOC Paints

There a lot of benefits that you can enjoy when you use low VOC paint in your home as discussed below:

1. Cleaner Air

When you use paint that has lower levels of volatile compounds, the quality of your indoor air is significantly improved. If you use a low VOC paint option, you won’t be bothered about inhaling toxic fumes after or during the painting process. Always remember that paints can cause various health problems from respiratory issues to
aggravating allergies that can be detrimental to your health.

2. No Strong Odors

When painting your home, the odor coming from the paint can be a hindrance for you: it can keep you from completing your painting project on time. Paints dry slowly, and the scent of paints that have a high concentration of volatile compounds can stop you from returning to your home. Since low volatile organic compound paints do not pollute your indoor air, you will be able to return to your home quicker because you will not be
worried about the strong scents.

3. Cost Effective

Low VOC paints are affordable, and you can get them at your nearest hardware store. They are not as expensive as most people wrongly believe. In fact, many stores sell them at the same price as the other hazardous paints.

4. Durable

Low volatile organic compound paints are more durable than other types of paints on the market.


Low volatile organic compound paints are the better choice for your home. If you have concerns about how intense or long the odor of the paint can last, you can find out more information in our article regarding how to quickly eliminate paint odors and toxicity. Depending on the quality of the air purification system you invest in, they can remove toxins and odors from your home extremely effectively.

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