Author: Narcis Bejtic

caucasian couple with dog holding our first home blackboard at new house smelling something stinky and disgusting

How To Get Rid Of Old House Smell – All You Need To Know

Most homeowners know too well what it feels like to be greeted by the stale, musty odor as soon as they set foot inside their houses. Even more annoying is that deep-cleaning your home doesn’t remove the repulsive smell. But old house smell isn’t just about offensive odor, which, by the way, is embarrassing when […]

woman looking at burnt cookies with smoke coming from oven

How To Get Rid Of Burnt Smell In House – 6 Pro Tips

Even chefs sometimes char their foods accidentally, so cut yourself some slack if you’ve recently blackened your food. Throwing away the charred food is easy; the real challenge is eliminating the burnt smell. Spoiler alert: it’s a pretty big job, so roll up your sleeves! Here are six effective tips on how to get rid […]

air quality indoor smart home domotic touchscreen system

When And How To Test Air Quality In Your Home – And How To Improve It

Controlling outdoor air quality is next to impossible, but you certainly control the air quality inside your home. Ensuring clean air in your living spaces contributes to better health for your family. If you or someone in your household has an existing health problem, indoor air quality testing can help you put measures in place […]

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