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Commercial laundry detergents are linked to skin irritation in susceptible individuals. The harsh chemicals and artificial fragrances used in formulating these cleaning products can trigger sneezing or coughing in asthma patients and people prone to allergies.

The good news is that more and more people are towing the path of a natural, fragrance-free future. If you are considering switching from regular to natural laundry detergents, this article will help make the decision easier by explaining some important benefits of using laundry detergent fragrance free.


How Effective Are Fragrance-free Laundry Detergents?

It’s common to assume that scented laundry products do a better cleaning job than natural, fragrance-free detergents. Many people think this way because natural laundry detergents do not contain harsh surfactants ― the main cleaning agent in commercial laundry detergents.

Besides, natural laundry detergents do not have that signature scent of harsh chemicals in regular cleaning products.

However, the absence of artificial chemicals and associated scents does not mean unscented or fragrance-free products are ineffective.

Indeed, an unscented and hypoallergenic detergent like the EnviroKlenz Laundry Detergent Powder is gentle on various fabrics. Still, the product is tough on stains and works incredibly well for removing stuck-on odors, sweat smells, and perfume, leaving your clothes smelling fresh.

Natural, fragrance-free laundry detergents contain earth-sourced or plant-derived cleaning agents that are highly effective for removing dirt and fighting tough stains.

Washing with non-toxic laundry detergents formulated with natural ingredients or plant based ingredients results in much cleaner and fresh-smelling clothes. And because they do not contain harsh chemicals, artificial brighteners, and fragrances, they are gentle enough and less likely to trigger allergic reactions, making them a safer choice for just about anyone.


Benefits of Using Fragrance-free Laundry Detergent


Many natural laundry detergents are labeled “fragrance-free,” “unscented,” or “hypoallergenic.” Strictly speaking, these terms have slightly different meanings. However, many people use them interchangeably, and we’ll keep it that way for the sake of simplicity.

With that out of the way, here are four important benefits of using fragrance-free laundry detergent.


1. Great for Young Children

The chemicals and perfumes in many brand-name detergents can easily irritate babies’ soft, delicate skin.

Washing your baby’s clothes, bedding, towels, and linen with regular laundry detergent exposes your child to artificial fragrances throughout the day and at night as the child breathes in potentially harmful scents on shirts, dresses, or bedclothes.

Unfortunately, little kids can’t express themselves using words because they haven’t fully developed the cognitive ability to string words together into cohesive sentences. This makes it difficult for them to say exactly how uncomfortable they feel from exposure to detergent fragrances.

Parents can avoid this unnecessary suffering by choosing natural, fragrance-free cleaning products when doing their children’s laundry.

2. Suitable for People with Allergies and Sensitive Skin

Individuals with respiratory problems like asthma as well as those with eczema and other skin conditions have a higher chance of reacting negatively to scented detergents.

Exposure to the artificial ingredients used to formulate detergent fragrances may worsen existing health conditions.

Remember that exposure to fragrances in detergent doesn’t necessarily mean doing laundry yourself. Wearing clothes washed with a regular detergent or sleeping on sheets laundered with a scented detergent exposes you to the residues of harsh chemicals and artificial fragrances.

Thankfully, this is not the case with high-quality fragrance-free detergents made from earth-based ingredients. Allergy-prone individuals can enjoy clean, fresh-smelling clothes, garments, and sheets without exposure to triggers.

However, fragrance-free cleaning products aren’t exclusively for individuals with sensitive skin or people prone to allergies.

Anyone can use healthier laundry products, regardless of how resilient their bodies are to allergens.

3. Eliminates Potential Allergens in Bedding for Better Sleep

Research shows that your bed sheets play significant roles in the quality of sleep you get. Besides the fabric type, unscented detergents ensure the sheets are fresh, helping you to sleep more comfortably.

In addition to sweat and bacteria, bedding collects dead skin cells, which are a favorite food of dust mites. Regularly washing bed sheets with natural, fragrance-free detergent kills these allergens, allowing you to sleep better.

Although regular detergents may clean your bedding, the smell of the artificial fragrance may disturb sleep in some people.

4. Environmentally Friendly

In addition to being an excellent choice for people with sensitivities, fragrance-free detergents are better for the environment.

Washing with a natural laundry detergent means your washing machine uses less energy to clean your linens and clothes. Additionally, you won’t have to use too much water in the rinse cycle since the soap contains no irritating fragrances or harsh chemical residues.

And you are actually reducing the environmental impact of laundry since you are not dumping nasty chemicals into water bodies.

Should You Choose Fragrance-free Laundry Detergent?

Here’s a short answer: yes!

Anyone can benefit from using laundry detergent fragrance free, but it is a must-have for your home if you or someone in your household has a fragrance allergy or is sensitive to standard laundry detergents.

Fragrance-free detergents are your best bet if you have young children. Remember that babies and toddlers are more likely to experience skin irritations and allergic reactions when exposed to harsh chemicals in standard laundry detergents.

Consider switching to a natural, fragrance-free laundry detergent if you have sensitive skin, psoriasis, eczema, or other skin conditions. The earth-based ingredients in natural, unscented products are less likely to negatively impact existing skin problems.

Also, unscented laundry detergents are the way to go for any environmentally conscious person interested in using natural, safe, and sustainable products.

Bottom Line

The choice to use laundry detergent fragrance free shouldn’t be difficult for anyone who wants a safer and healthier option.

You don’t have to endure the discomforts and health problems associated with commercial detergents just because you want clean clothes and linens. Natural, fragrance-free soaps are not only safe but very effective for doing laundry.

Remember, a fragrance-free future isn’t only better for you, your family, and clothing items but also great for the environment. We only have one earth to call our home, so it’s our collective responsibility to keep the environment cleaner, healthier, and safer.

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