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Embrace non-toxic living with our comprehensive guide to creating a healthy bedroom to sleep and live better!

How to Build a Healthy Bedroom

Sleep naturally rejuvenates the body, but sleeping in an unhealthy, toxic environment that constantly exposes you to harmful chemicals can hinder rejuvenation. While many actively prevent contaminants like smoke and outdoor pollutants from entering their bedrooms, few are aware of the toxicity right inside their sleep sanctuary.  This comprehensive guide is for you if you’re […]
Uncover the hidden dangers of toxic sheets and explore safer, non-toxic bedding alternatives for restful sleep.

Three Non-Toxic Bedding Alternatives

The last thing you want is to expose yourself to toxins when you hit the sack at night. However, many conventional bedding materials are made with harmful substances that can affect your health and negatively impact the environment.   This guide explains the potential health hazards of sleeping on toxic sheets and explores alternatives to non-toxic […]
Ready to elevate your home office for productivity & wellness? Discover the benefits of incorporating non-toxic products into your workspace!

Create Your Healthy Home Office

Good furnishings and lighting readily come to mind when creating a comfortable home office. Still, there’s more to maintaining a healthy work environment at home than installing cozy furnishings and expensive equipment.  This article explains exactly how you can promote a healthy working environment at home by embracing non toxic laundry practices. This way, you […]

How to Find the Best Sustainable Bedding

Ready to enjoy a restful and sustainable slumber? We’ve got the ultimate guide on how to find sustainable bedding and how to create an eco-friendly sleep environment.  We’re here to guide you through the benefits of using eco-friendly, sustainable bed sheets, and chemical-free bedding and provide insights on how to maintain them. Embrace a restful […]
Do you need to get a mildew smell out of your towels? We've got 3 simple ways to remove that stinky mildew smell from your towels. Read now!

3 Ways to Remove Mildew Smell from Towels

Wondering how to remove mildew smell from towels? Moldy towels are usually a result of the following factors -either the towel has not been allowed to dry properly, detergent or fabric softener has build-up in your towel, or the towels have been left in the dryer for too long, and the humidity coming through the […]
Discover helpful tips to understand swimsuit fabric delicacy so you can wash them correctly and make them last all summer long.

How to Wash A Swimsuit

Learning how to safely wash a swimsuit is about as important as learning how to actually swim. Swimsuits are constantly exposed to elements like chemicals from pool treatment, sunscreen and suntan lotion, sand and saltwater from the beach, high temperatures and UV light from the sun and sweat.   Add these to regular wear and tear […]
Ever wonder why your towels smell after washing? Learn what causes your towels to smell after washing & how to remove or prevent odors.

My Towels Smell After Washing – Here’s What to Do

No one likes using towels that smell after washing. It is very disconcerting to walk out of a cozy shower or a bath smelling all fresh to be hit by the sour smell emanating from your bath towel. It’s worse if you have visitors that you offered your ‘fresh towels’ thinking you could learn a […]
shirt with an old ink stain

How to Remove Old Stains From Clothes for Good

Occasional stains on clothes are inevitable, no matter how careful you are. And while it might be a lot easier to deal with fresh stains, age-old stains can be difficult to get rid of. That said, safe cleaning products can remove old marks and smears on garments and other clothing items. This article discusses how […]

What Type of Air Purifier Should I Buy for My Home?

One of the best ways to improve the air quality in your home is to use an air purifier. Not only do air purifiers keep the air you breathe truly clean but they help make your home a more comfortable and healthy space to live in. There are a few things to consider when looking […]
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