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Gulf War Illness and Toxic Exposures in the Home

Gulf War Illness and Toxic Exposures in the Home

Gulf War Illness and Toxic Exposures in the Home Gulf War Illness (also called Gulf War Syndrome) is a collection of ongoing symptoms reported by military veterans that in Operation Desert Storm in 1991. In addition to veterans from the United States, the same set of symptoms were reported by veterans from British, Canadian, Czech, […]

How To Purge Your Home of Toxic Chemicals

How Huge Numbers of Toxic Chemicals in Your Home Affect Your Health It’s no secret that our homes are filled with toxic chemicals. Major newspapers like the New York Times and Chicago Tribune write feature series on toxic products and chemicals, and they are frequently the subject of television, radio, and magazine reports as well. […]

How To Remove Mold & Mildew Odors From Your Home

Got Mold Allergies? Get Relief With EnviroKlenz Products! It is estimated that ~70 percent of homes have mold behind the walls, which can be contributing to the health problems of those who live there.The most common heath effects of mold are mold allergies which—while not life-threatening—can be very uncomfortable. According to the Mayo Clinic, a […]
toxic exposure to chemicals in your home

How to Reduce Your Exposure to Chemicals at Home

Common Sources of Toxic Exposures in Your Home That Can Trigger Symptoms Today, the air in almost every home is filled with toxic chemicals that come from consumer products you use every day. These toxic chemicals odors that linger in your personal indoor environment can serve as potential allergy & asthma triggers and if you […]
making your home toxic free

Making Your Environment Safe for A Chemically Sensitive Guest

Getting Your Home Ready for a Family Member with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities If you have a family member coming to live with you who is sensitive to chemical exposures, you will need to set up a special room for them that is free from the chemicals to which they react.While each person with Multiple Chemical […]
room air purifier

How Using an Air Purifier Can Help Your Multiple Chemical Sensitivities

  If you have Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS), you know that life can be a constant battle with the toxic chemicals in indoor air. Even if you have completely eliminated toxic chemicals in your own home, there may be sources you cannot avoid and chemicals may come in with visitors and products, resulting in reactions […]
remove chemical odors

How to Remove Indoor Toxins from your Home

Chemical Odors in your Home are Potential Allergy Triggers Depending where you live in the world fall allergy has begun and allergy sufferers should be mindful of both outside allergens as well as indoor allergy triggers as well. Most allergy sufferers take for granted the indoor air quality in their home and very often there […]

Do Air Purifiers Work?

Do Air Purifiers Work A common question we often get asked on our website is, do air purifiers work and the answer is a little more entailed than a standard yes or no. There are many reasons for using an air purifier and the reasons range from allergies, chemical sensitivity, respiratory illnesses, or trying to maintain […]

How to get Smoke Smell out of House

How to get Smoke Smell out of House For just about anyone, the smell of smoke in their home can pose potential dangers to their health and very often we get asked the question on our website asking how to get rid of smoke smell. There has been a lot of attention brought to the […]
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