Can new car smell make you sick? New car smell is a scent heavily commercialized to consumers who want that ‘new car smell’ in their vehicle. Most people love the smell, while others cannot even stand a whiff of it, instantly making them sick or react. There have been studies that have suggested that at least a few chemicals that are used in the process of eliciting that new car smell are toxic. Cars are made with chemicals and VOCs that are in the upholstery and foundation of the car, once you start to use your car the process of off-gassing will start to occur, leading to the supposed ‘new car smell’. This off-gassing process is what can trigger sensitivities in people who can have reactions to these chemicals. The average Americans spend more than 1.5 hours in a car every day, leading to the potential hazards present from toxic chemical exposure in your car.

Health Risks of New Car Smell

The VOCs released into your car can be quite hazardous to your health when exposed to large quantities. For some people, these chemicals can cause headaches, dizziness, allergic reactions, and even nausea. In more severe cases even, cancer could be a symptom of new car smell. The main concern is for people who are severely sensitive to chemicals, such as MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivities). If you have MCS the thought of even going near a new car is unfathomable. So how can you remove new car smell?

EnviroKlenz was designed with the chemically sensitive in mind, utilizing a patented earth mineral technology that is effective in neutralizing and eliminating chemicals, odors, and VOCs in your environment. When you are left dealing with a strong chemical or odor in your environment or vehicle the EnviroKlenz Everyday Odor Eliminator will effectively work at eliminating these chemical sources from your environment. To apply this product to your vehicle all you need to do is fill a spray bottle with 1-part product and 4-parts water and mix it up. Simply spray the product onto any water-safe surface (do not use this product on leather) and allow it to sit for 10-15 minutes. After this time, you can come around with an extractor or vacuum to remove the product.

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