Can poor indoor air quality affect your kid’s ability to learn?

can poor indoor air affect my ability to learn


Whoever thought we would be going to school in our pajamas? The pandemic caused by Covid-19 has turned the world upside down. Nowhere has the effect been more keenly felt than in the world of education. Millions of school children are faced with the reality that they might be learning at home this Fall, and millions of parents are faced with the daunting task of turning their homes into classrooms. There are several steps to take that will make the transition to home learning, and EnviroKlenz can help to prepare your home so you and your kids can have a more productive day!  

Can poor indoor air quality affect your kid’s ability to learn?

Yes, poor air quality can absolutely affect a child’s learning. Studies have shown that when schools improve ventilation, the number of absences are reduced, and students do best both at tests and at mental tasks.

Polluted air, especially if your home has a smoker or people who wear perfume, can make it harder to memorize facts and statistics, as well as understand difficult concepts. Poor air quality can also lead to a lack of energy in students, and to short-term effects including irritation of the eyes, nose and throat, fatigue, dizziness, and headaches. According to the EPA, children are also at a bigger risk for asthma and allergies without clean air.

5 ways to prepare your home for remote learning

Whether your child wants to work at a desk in his or her bedroom, or a more communal space like the dining room table, having a dedicated space to work is imperative. First, remove clutter from the area. Secondly, take some time to set up the space with favorite school supplies like notebooks and markers. Putting some favorite belongs like pictures or trinkets will also help your child feel comfortable in their remote learning space.

Children thrive on routine. To make the most of your academic time, structuring the day is the best way to go. Realistically, your child’s school will set up a schedule for work required and synchronous learning times. 

No matter the age of your child, exercise is imperative. Whether random activities or sustained workouts, exercise benefits cognitive function, and taking brain breaks, especially with a grueling home-school day, is going to refresh your student and make him better able to learn. Jumping jacks, running around the house, or a quick bike ride are all great ways to burn off some steam and get your kids ready to hit the books again.

There are hidden factors to success that you might not think about, such as the air quality of your home. Common air pollutants can get in the way of your children’s learning and processing. For example, understanding new information and being able to memorize is more difficult in polluted air. Using an air purifier is an excellent idea to combat the problem and an easy fix.

Although students definitely need to take breaks during the school day, too much screen time will be counterproductive. Computer games, social media, and YouTube videos all suck time and cause students to fall down the rabbit hole, thereby making them less productive.

Tips for parents during distance learning

Let’s face it – the job of a parent has been made much more difficult because of the pandemic. Parents are forced to become teachers, in addition to their normal day jobs.  You definitely need to bring your A-game, and poor air quality can get in the way of that.  Poor air quality can make you more lethargic and unfocused, which in turn would affect your productivity.

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