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For many people, outdoor air readily comes to mind when they think of air pollution, but indoor air tends to be more polluted than the air outside in many cases. And most people spend a significant part of their day indoors ― in their home, office, or building. These living spaces often have higher pollutant concentrations, thanks to their confined nature. More worrisome is that those likely to spend more time indoors are most vulnerable to poor air quality effects. These include pregnant women, older adults, young children, and people with respiratory concerns or cardiovascular problems. Regardless of your health status, you should take steps to protect yourself and your family by improving the indoor air quality in your home, office, and other living spaces. Consider installing one of our air purifier systems to keep your indoor space pollutant-free and minimize poor air quality symptoms. If you already have an air purifier, ensure it is always in good working condition for maximum protection.

Poor Air Quality Symptoms & Health Effects You Should Know

According to the World Health Organization, one-third of deaths from heart disease, lung cancer, and stroke are directly linked to air pollution. The statistics are unsettling, considering most people worldwide now breathe polluted air. However, you can keep tabs on your indoor air quality to reduce symptoms associated with poor IAQ. This quick guide gives you […]

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