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women looking at mold in house

What Causes Mold in a House – 10 Common Causes

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), mold is very common in homes and typically grows in high-moisture environments. Continuous exposure to mold spores can lead to symptoms like wheezing, stuffy nose, and other respiratory concerns. But what causes mold in a house, to begin with? Effective prevention of mold growth in […]

Black Mold vs Toxic Black Mold

Black Mold vs Toxic Black Mold

There can be many scary things that are harbored within the inside of a home, and some of these scary things may come as a surprise to homeowners – especially when they learn that many of these risks can be found in their indoor air. It is becoming a more frequent discussion about the potential […]

man with an asthma inhaler in his hands

What Is Air Hunger – Causes & Signs

Humans need air to survive; it is a fundamental part of our lives that we don’t have to consciously breathe in and out. That’s why it is extremely frightening to experience air hunger because it threatens our survival! Running out of breath is normal during certain strenuous physical activities like exercises. Also, wearing tight clothing […]

woman looking at a mold infested wall in her home wall

What Does Mold Smell Like in Walls – How to Know

Long before you notice any visible signs of mold in your home, the fungus has been living in your walls for several weeks or months. In other words, relying on your sense of sight isn’t the best way to detect mold early. A better (although imperfect detection method) is to follow your nose! In most […]

different air fresheners on white background

HVAC Air Fresheners – How Safe Are They?

HVAC air fresheners are the preferred choice for many homeowners who want a safer alternative to scented candles, wax melts, and plug-ins. The designs and operations may differ between manufacturers. Still, HVAC air fresheners typically attach to HVAC filters and release pleasant and mood-enhancing fragrances through air vents into your living spaces. And because they […]

woman suffering respiration problems sitting on a couch in the living room at home

What Can Cause Shortness Of Breath And Dizziness At Home

Believe it or not, indoor air quality (IAQ) has plenty to do with your respiratory health. For example, you have a higher chance of experiencing shortness of breath and dizziness if you spend time in a dusty room. This is especially true if you have an existing health condition like asthma or anemia. However, whether […]

caucasian couple with dog holding our first home blackboard at new house smelling something stinky and disgusting

How To Get Rid Of Old House Smell – All You Need To Know

Most homeowners know too well what it feels like to be greeted by the stale, musty odor as soon as they set foot inside their houses. Even more annoying is that deep-cleaning your home doesn’t remove the repulsive smell. But old house smell isn’t just about offensive odor, which, by the way, is embarrassing when […]

woman looking at burnt cookies with smoke coming from oven

How To Get Rid Of Burnt Smell In House – 6 Pro Tips

Even chefs sometimes char their foods accidentally, so cut yourself some slack if you’ve recently blackened your food. Throwing away the charred food is easy; the real challenge is eliminating the burnt smell. Spoiler alert: it’s a pretty big job, so roll up your sleeves! Here are six effective tips on how to get rid […]

air quality indoor smart home domotic touchscreen system

When And How To Test Air Quality In Your Home – And How To Improve It

Controlling outdoor air quality is next to impossible, but you certainly control the air quality inside your home. Ensuring clean air in your living spaces contributes to better health for your family. If you or someone in your household has an existing health problem, indoor air quality testing can help you put measures in place […]

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