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Discover helpful tips to understand swimsuit fabric delicacy so you can wash them correctly and make them last all summer long.

How to Wash A Swimsuit

Learning how to safely wash a swimsuit is about as important as learning how to actually swim. Swimsuits are constantly exposed to elements like chemicals from pool treatment, sunscreen and suntan lotion, sand and saltwater from the beach, high temperatures and UV light from the sun and sweat.   Add these to regular wear and tear […]

shirt with an old ink stain

How to Remove Old Stains From Clothes for Good

Occasional stains on clothes are inevitable, no matter how careful you are. And while it might be a lot easier to deal with fresh stains, age-old stains can be difficult to get rid of. That said, safe cleaning products can remove old marks and smears on garments and other clothing items. This article discusses how […]

Non-Toxic Gift Guide For The Home

Whether shopping for friends, family, or even yourself, it can be hard to pick out the perfect gifts to suit the needs of everyone on your shopping list. Will they absolutely love the gift, or will they feel the urge to return it a few days later? We’ve made your shopping journey a little easier by creating the ultimate EnviroKlenz Gift Guide, the perfect roadmap for you to […]


How To Find Non-Toxic Cleaning Products

Let’s Talk Indoor Air Quality with Alona Shaw-Non- toxic household cleaning products In this episode of the “Let’s Talk Indoor Air Quality” podcast, our host Kyle speaks with Alonna Shaw from Alonna Shaw is an artist, writer, and editor who now lives an unscented lifestyle with her husband in California. Alonna shares with our […]

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