Mold is not only unpleasant and utterly destructive to your property but it poses a real threat to your health. Unlike many DIY projects that you can safely and successfully accomplish in your home, mold removal is tricky and hazardous. Besides, mold can spread to other parts of your home if not well removed turning your effort and your precious time into futility. It is only after understanding the dangers of DIY mold removal projects that you would opt out and consider hiring a professional firm.

Here are dangers of DIY mold removal projects that EnviroKlenz suggest you deeply consider before taking a project on:

Mold Danger to Your Health1. Dangers To Your Health

Did you know that molds are microbes that feed by degrading host using toxic enzymes? Well, molds produce spores that spread and grow on any organic matter in your home causing destruction to property as well as health.

Presence of molds in your home may cause you and other people to experience allergic reactions as well as respiratory complications that may get worse with time.

A person who is sensitive to mold can experience:

-Shortness in breath
-Stuffy nose
-Irritating eyes and skin
-Difficulty in breathing

Worse still, mold can cause lung infections leading to chronic lung diseases as well as a compromised immune system. It is, therefore, best to avoid DIY mold removal and leave it to the experts.

The experts have adequate equipment as well as protective clothing. The equipment allows for thorough removal of the mold while the protective clothing guarantees that you are only inhaling clean and safe air during the process.

It is also good to know that having safety equipment such as boots, gloves, goggles, as well as a mask that covers the nose and mouth among other equipment is not enough. Mold removal requires specialized knowledge obtained from training and many years of experience.

Attracting other contaminants into your property2. Attracting Other Contaminants Into Your Property

Mold removal is a thorough and multi-stage process that requires specialized equipment. A filtration device is commonly used inside a work area and is vented out either through a window or any other opening so as to prevent other contaminants from entering into your home. However, most DIY mold removal projects are undertaken with inadequate equipment. This will cause other contaminants to get into your property.

3. Cross Contamination

Mold removal requires containment that often lacks in DIY mold removal projects. This is because mold spores are airborne and when disrupted will travel to various unaffected areas of your property. Lack of containment results in spores landing in areas that were previously clean resulting in a bigger and more expensive mold remediation sooner than later.

Professionals are trained to completely seal off areas that have been contaminated using containment barriers. This will eliminate the possibility of cross contaminations. Mold professional services will also perform mold testing as well as inspection to ensure that molds have been entirely removed in affected areas.


Dangers of DIY mold removal projects are many and at times pose serious health challenges. It is therefore advisable to sort the help of a professional mold removing company that will ensure that every trace of mold in your property is gone. Your health is more important and should come first however tempting or simple DIY mold removal might seem.