When it comes to things that you put on your body you have to be very selective and careful – monitor the ingredients and find the best possible option, particularly if you are someone who is highly sensitive. Products like body soap, perfume, lotion, and even laundry detergent that is used to clean your clothes can be potentially irritating to your skin and can further progress into something more severe such as an allergic reaction to the detergent.

Laundry detergent is not often something that you pay too close of attention to, if it is able to effectively wash your dirty clothes clean and leave a pleasant smell than it is quite alright in your book. But if you are someone that has sensitive skin and/or are prone to allergies than it is necessary to look closer at your detergent and determine if your detergent is causing an allergic reaction on your skin.

What Causes a Washing Detergent Allergy?

What Causes a Washing Detergent Allergy?Did you know that the average family or household washes approximately 80 pounds of laundry a week? This means that a lot of detergent will be used and absorbed into the fabric of your clothing over a duration of time. Laundry detergent is composed of an amalgam of chemicals that can be potentially toxic and irritating to the human skin, these chemicals include sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS)/ sodium laureth sulfate (SLES), 1,4-dioxane, NPE, and phosphates.

These chemicals can not only be dangerous to the environment and waterways, but it can also leave an impact on your skin when exposure occurs. A washing detergent allergy can be caused by these mix of chemicals as they come into contact with the skin, which can cause the red, itchy skin that is caused by an allergic reaction.

Allergy Free Laundry Detergent

For those individuals who are severely sensitive to and even have allergic reactions to laundry detergent, it is important to switch to a detergent that contains no harsh chemicals or fragrances that will contribute to this allergy. Laundry detergent manufacturers have created a new category that fits the needs of those who have detergent allergies or sensitive skin and that is the free & clear detergent. Along with a Free & Clear detergent it will also be important to use a laundry enhancer that is able to rid the clothes of any chemicals or odors that linger on the fabric from past laundry use.

The EnviroKlenz Laundry Enhancer is an additive that works alongside your unscented laundry detergent to provide the capability to eliminate chemicals and odors from the fabric of your clothing. EnviroKlenz utilizes a patented earth mineral technology that is able to break down and/or neutralize the chemicals and noxious odors found on the surface, without the use of toxic chemicals or masking agents.

Allergy Free Laundry Detergent