Do Air Purifiers Reduce Pet Odors?


We love our house pets dearly, but we don’t love the smells they leave behind throughout our homes. It can be difficult to get rid of pet odors in the home, as they cling to furniture, bedding, and scattered toys, not to mention the odors associated with pet food and potty breaks. Masking these odors with air freshening sprays is a mere temporary solution, and it can backfire due to its release of unnecessary pollutants into your indoor air. It’s time for a more reliable, safe solution that actually works!

Read more about the benefits of using an air purifier in your pet-friendly home, and how to provide solution to pet odors, pet hair and dander, and even pet allergies.

Air Purifiers for Pet Odors

Skeptical pet owners may ask, “Do air purifiers actually get rid of pet odors?” and the answer to that is yes. Pet odors linger behind on furniture, carpeted flooring, bedding, and other surfaces that animals commonly lay on. While some pet owners set designated spots for their pets to cozy up on in an effort to seclude smells to certain corners of the house, odors can still travel through the air and make their presence known throughout the home. Aside from dog and cat odors on these absorbent surfaces, you might also want to keep in mind the potential issue of accidents in the home. Especially for new pet owners who may be potty training their pets, or even just the occasional unexpected accident, pet urine can be a very pungent stench that is hard to get rid of depending on which surface it is on.

Air purifiers are an efficient way of capturing and neutralizing these odors while also supplying fresh, odorless air in return. Choosing the right purifier for your home is key to receiving the best results for your odor issues. The EnviroKlenz Air System is a great option for the home that not only covers pet odors, but other home odors like cooking and cleaning, along with neutralization of airborne pathogens and indoor air pollution. Backed by patented technology, this system is proven to provide a clean air space in a safe, non-toxic way; this is a much healthier option of treating odors instead of relying on room sprays and fresheners to solve the issue.

Dog & Cat Hair

Air purifiers have no problem tackling pet odors, but the real test is its ability to capture pet hair. Dog and cat hair can become a huge annoyance for more than one reason. It clings to most surfaces and can float through the air when you are petting or brushing your animal, or while they are rolling and pouncing around. Efficient air purifiers can get rid of airborne pet hair by capturing it in its filtration system. This can therefore reduce allergy triggers in the air, reduce odors, and make for better indoor air quality. This also applies to pet dander, which is less visible and can be very problematic for allergies; quality filtration, like HEPA filters, can capture and retain smaller particulates like dander and keep them from reentering the air. EnviroKlenz Air Systems even work with a double filtration system, pairing a HEPA filter with its patented Air Cartridge, in order to ensure that airborne particulates remain captured.

Do Air Purifiers Help with Litter Box Odors?

Cats unfortunately get a bad rep for their litter box odors. Even with frequent emptying of an indoor litter box, it’s difficult to completely avoid its distinct smell. By placing an air purifier near your cat’s litter box, you can put a stop to these odors at the source and prevent them from drifting through the rest of the house. And the results can be quick depending on the exchange rate of the air purifier used.

Alleviating Pet Allergies

As mentioned, allergies can be triggered by the fur and dander of common house pets. For some people, symptoms from pet allergies are very intense and make it difficult to comfortably live with any animals in the house. Dander is also a common trigger for asthma symptoms. Asthma and allergies can greatly benefit from an air purifier, as a dramatic reduction of airborne pet fur and dander via the purifier means less triggering of symptoms. Investing in a purifier can allow allergy and asthma-prone pet lovers to enjoy a household with their animals, something that may have seemed far-fetched before. Air purifiers can alleviate allergy symptoms that stem from other sources, too, including dust, mold, and pollen allergens.

Seeing as air purifiers are capable of addressing a collection of pet-related concerns, it is fair to say that this indoor air quality solution is a good match for any household that has animals. From allergies to odors, reducing these unfavorable side effects of taking care of a pet makes for a better relationship with your furry friend and a fresher feel within your home. It is impressive how noticeable an improvement to your indoor air quality can be, and it’s quite easy to achieve with the right technology.

As a worthwhile investment and valuable addition to pet-friendly homes, it’s a good idea to do some research on the best air purifier for your household and its pet-related needs. Look out for high-efficiency filtration that can tackle particulate matter like fur and dander, frequent air exchange rates for quick turnover of your home’s indoor air, and key performance benefits like odor elimination. These features should satisfy any home of dogs, cats, and other family critters, and create a fresher, odor-free environment. So sit back and relax, and maybe even let your pet hop on the couch; an air purifier has got you covered for the rest!  

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