Indoor air quality has become a forefront concern in the minds of many Americans, as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has indicated research showing a direct link between indoor air quality and human health. Indoor air pollutants are unwanted, and potentially harmful substances in your personal indoor air. According to the EPA, indoor air pollution was ranked among the top five environmental health risks to human health. This alarming statistic increases the need to become more vigilant in protecting and filtering your indoor air quality.

An air purification system could be the filtration protection you need in your home to improve your overall indoor air quality. Air purifiers come in a range of different technologies that claim can perform on pollutants in your personal environment. Among the top competing technologies in air purification systems, PECO technology, and the EnviroKlenz technology, both are two technologies that have often been compared on effectiveness of chemical and pollutant removal in your indoor air. How do these technologies compare? And most importantly, does PECO technology work?

How Peco Technology WorksHow Peco Technology Works

The Peco technology is used in the air filtration system the Molekule. This technology was developed by Dr. Yogi Goswami, a Professor of Chemical Engineering at the University of South Florida, as he used principles of solar technology, light, and nanotechnology to develop this technology. Peco technology is said to work when light shines on a specifically designed nanoparticle coated filter. The action of light on the surface of the filter creates a reaction that is able to completely oxidize pollutants in the air. This light is a low energy UV LED light to catalyze this reaction and is absorbed as the blue light is emitted as a result.

Is Peco Technology Effective?

The manufacturer of the Molekule claims that the technology and product have been extensively tested by third-party laboratories, including the University of Minnesota and the University of South Florida, as a few studies are posted on the Molekule website. Peco technology, however, has some flaws and has been scrutinized by customers who have had less than stellar experiences with the Molekule system. Issues have been reported of off-gassing odors that have permeated from the air purification system as well as ineffectiveness at working against certain odors such as cooking odors, and paint odors.  In fact, we have an in-depth guide that details how to get rid of paint smell and more.

In a test conducted, EnviroKlenz was able to determine the level of effectiveness between the EnviroKlenz Mobile System and the Molekule. The results below indicate the results, as EnviroKlenz is represented in blue and the Molekule in orange.