You don’t have to accept products as “green” or “healthy” just because the label says so.

It’s odd that something truly non-toxic has become a rarity in today’s society, don’t you think?

Somewhere along the way, it became okay for dishonest and disloyal companies to add chemical enhancers to their products all for the sake of making a larger profit… at the expense of the Customer’s.

But, despite the history and the absurdness of it… it’s what we’re dealing with now, and it’s the reality we’ve got to fight against when we shop for cleaning and air purifying products.

Which, understandably, is why the most common question we get is about our ingredients.

So to answer that question, here are our 3 main, active ingredients:

  • Magnesium Oxide (MgO)
  • Zinc Oxide (ZnO)
  • Titanium Dioxide (TiO2)

Yes, only three of them.

Other ingredients include water in the soaps, soda ash in the laundry booster to help disperse it in the wash cycle, and magnesium hydroxide in our liquid products since magnesium oxide (one of our main 3) actually turns into it in the presence of water.

But active ingredient or not, all of our ingredients are minerals (or elements, like water) that come directly out of the earth and are truly non-toxic

Here’s how these 3 ingredients work, every single time:

Our in-house chemists combine these metal oxide powders (which we know sounds super science-y, but they’re really just crushed up earth minerals) to achieve the right balance for each application. (So the ratios might be a bit different between the laundry booster and the hand soap, but that’s just because they serve different purposes.)

As the combination of powders comes into contact with toxins—either directly on a surface, through an air filter, or in water—the chemistry of the combination attaches itself to the pollutant and either neutralizes it or destroys it completely.

And believe it or not, even this small list of ingredients is strong enough to neutralize bad odors, but because of the short list, is 100% safe to use around all of your family members. (Even the babies and the pets.)

“I just got done using m EnviroKlenz Everyday odor eliminator on some carpeting in the guest bedroom and I am really impressed with the results. The carpet seemed to be off gassing this terrible chemical odor that I could not tolerate and it kept me from entering the room and sometimes I would avoid that side of the home in general. My room is now safe thanks to EnviroKlenz.”

“Because of this product, I was able to save all the thousands of dollars worth of sheets and other Bamboo bedding and clothing that had been ruined by mold!!!”

If you’re looking for an air system that helps eliminate mold and mildew, the Enviroklenz UV Model may be your answer.


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