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1What’s Inside

Fat + Alkali + Heat = SoapTo make soap you need fat, an alkali and heat. For the fat, Branch Basics uses plant-based oils, which are fatty acids, and for the alkali, we use baking soda. Instead of traditional heating by fire, our unique mixing process uses alcohol to create friction with the oils to cause heat. The alcohol evaporates out and when it gets hot enough it saponifies into a premium quality, pure soap!
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2Enzymatic Action

Enzymes provide the bonus cleaning power that breaks down grease and stains, resulting in a safe, deep   clean. Our slow-mix, low-heat process preserves the plant enzymes and allows them to remain intact and active.

3No Fragrance

We keep our Concentrate formula fragrance-free for a reason! This soap was designed specifically for those with compromised immune systems. We figure if the soap is safe and effective enough for them, then everyone should use it. We stay true to that original mission to provide the world’s safest, most effective, simplest soap.