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  • Not all home air purifiers are alike! EnviroKlenz is superior at helping to keep your family healthy and allergy-free, and we’ll prove it by including a professional air quality monitor FREE with your order.
  • There’s a reason the U.S. Navy chose to equip their ships with EnviroKlenz over other air purifiers to help stop COVID, Flu, and colds from spreading aboard their ships and subs.
  • EnviroKlenz innovative filtration process captures what other purifiers can, plus everything they leave behind for maximum protection against harmful airborne contaminants:
    • Patented EnviroKlenz Air Cartridge: made with non-toxic earth minerals to trap and destroy harmful VOCs, pathogens, odors, fragrances, and toxins that easily pass through most filters.
    • Medical-grade H11 HEPA filter: traps microorganisms, allergens, dust, and pet dander.
  • It’s cold and flu season. EnviroKlenz is how you help stop colds and flu from taking your family down.
Air System Specifications
  • Purifies up to 1,000 square feet – perfect for bedrooms, living room, kitchen, office, and large indoor spaces
  • Rated Air Flow of Fan (for each speed): 85CFM, 150 CFM, 200CFM, 250CFM
  • Decibels:
    • Whisper Mode: 54dB
    • Low: 56dB
    • Medium: 59dB
    • High: 62dB
  • Dimensions:
    • Depth: 15″ x Width: 15″ x Height: 19″
  • Weight: 38lbs
Our Science Explained

“Adsorptive neutralization” is our fancy way of describing how our patented technology uses mother nature’s most powerful earth minerals that, when fortified through our patented process, effectively break down and destroy airborne toxins, allergens, viruses, bacteria, particulates, and other contaminants, so your environment is cleaner and safer.

Trusted by Thousands of Customers

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Fast, Free Shipping & Returns

Financing options available

Financing Options Available

Trusted by Thousands of Customers

Test for 30 days

Try it Risk-Free for 30 Days

shipping and returns fast and free

Fast, Free Shipping & Returns

Financing options available

Financing Options Available

Most Effective Air Filtration Technology on the Market

Don’t Settle for Partially Filter Air

Until we came along, air purifiers using carbon, ionizers, PCO or HEPA filters were industry standard. We weren’t satisfied with meeting industry standards, so we exceeded them.

Our EnviroKlenz Air Cartridge is redefining what it means to purify air. Our safe, patented technology eliminates harmful VOCs, pathogens, fragrances, and other contaminants that pass through even the best HEPA filters.

We then paired our Enviroklenz Air Cartridge with medical-grade H11 HEPA filtration for the cleanest air possible.

Upgrade your air purifying experience and go beyond conventional HEPA filtration.

How EnviroKlenz Compares against other air purifier technology

From Every Pollutant In Every Indoor Space,  EnviroKlenz Protects You

EnviroKlenz is on a mission to create safer indoor environments for all, providing superior protection against airborne contaminants through our premium earth mineral technology – the same technology trusted by the Department of Defense to destroy the world’s harshest chemicals.

Through one technology with limitless applications, EnviroKlenz goes beyond just your home to provide clean air to schools, government buildings, medical facilities, worship centers, and more. 

EnviroKlenz Better Health Promise

The air you breathe in your home can have the greatest impact on your health, which is why you deserve a solution that not only captures but eliminates pollutants from your environment.

That’s the EnviroKlenz Difference, and that’s why we’re the only air purifier that offers a Better Health Promise – to destroy airborne contaminants that have a lasting effect on your health.

Consciously crafted with your health and safety in mind, the EnviroKlenz Air System gives you confidence that the air in your home isn’t compromising your health.

Approved by Those Who Know Best

EnviroKlenz Mobile Air System
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135 reviews for EnviroKlenz Mobile Air System

  1. Bruce T.

    Appears to work but expensive filters.

  2. Cherly H.

    I recently moved into a new apartment with manufactured flooring and new carpet, and knew I’d be bombarded with lots of toxic fumes. The EnviroKlenz system cleaned the air very quickly and I didn’t experience any negative effects. I’m very pleased!

  3. Robert K.

    New construction home outgassing like crazy. Got 5 filter units, furnace filters and several bottles of everyday odor eliminator.

    I spent 14 days “baking” the house at 90 degrees for 14 hours and then airing it out, and then putting in the filters. Knocked the VOCs way down according to my uHoos, and I went from only being able to be in the house for 10 minutes without getting sick to staying there comfortably and indefinitely in about 60 days. Considering how sensitive I am, this is a miracle.

  4. Elden B.

    Very simple to set up. Easy to adjust speed of fan. Quoted at each speed than others I’ve used at same speeds. Excellent results.

  5. Tedd W.

    A big improvement in our homes environment. We already have a decent kitchen exhaust fan as well as fresh air inlet filters and exhaust fans that exchange air continuously. But EnviroKlenz has significantly improved the air quality: removing any residual and ongoing off-gassing from flooring, furniture, cooking, etc.; and importantly removing fine particulate from the air. There is a distinct reduction in the quantity of setting-out fine fraction dust on hardwood floor, furniture, and other surfaces. Thanks, I can’t recommend it more.

  6. Michael N.

    I love the unit and it works great and I have shown it to all my friends and family. But the one thing I tell them besides it’s a great unit is that the shipping s**ks it took almost a month to get and in different shipments. One package I got two weeks before the others came because you only have 30 days to return it if I didn’t like it. Glad it’s a great product but you need to look into your shipping that’s the only thing I did not like.

  7. Linda E.

    I struggle with environmental allergies, especially molds and dust. I’ve been using my system for more than a month, and have noticed some improvement.

  8. Adam B.

    I’ve had a number of air filters/purifiers and they worked okay. Enviroklenz is in a category all of its own. Highly recommend.

  9. Garrett Stratton (verified owner)

    I purchased the EnviroKlenz mobile air system just under a year ago, and I have been extremely satisfied. I primarily use it clear the air of smoke-related VOCs and smells, as well as to cut down on pollen and allergen levels in my home.

    It is amazing how efficiently this machine can filter smells out of the air, even on its quiet “whisper” settings (which is what I leave it on all the time). Aside from smells, I noticed a dramatic decrease in allergy related symptoms that I usually suffer inside my home during warm months. I fervently believe that this unit is doing a fantastic and efficient job of filtering the air.

    I would also like to add that I have interacted with customer service representatives from Timilon, and they are some of the kindest and most polite people I have had the pleasure of interacting with online. Not only do I really like this product and what it does in my home, but I feel good using it because I know good people are supporting it.

  10. Steven S.

    I love that it is able to be rolled around from room to room. I only wish that it had some sort of automatic sensor for orders and smoke like being able to kick on higher when cooking and the kitchen is starting to smell.

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