How to Eliminate New Clothes Smell

how to remove new clothes smell


Imagine the test of trying to find a new outfit at the mall or thrift store and being unable to even try on the clothes, let alone even think about picking the fabric up without experiencing severe sensitivities. Clothing, whether new or old can harbor and contain harsh chemicals and odors embedded into the fabric that for those with chemical sensitivities can have a reaction from, as the chemicals can permeate the skin. The difficulty that is present in buying clothes can almost be too much for people with sensitivities, thus leading them to turn to methods that can help in removing the chemicals and odors trapped in the fabric of the clothing. The list of DIY’s and possible solutions for removing these harsh chemicals is exhaustive but do they really work? Or perhaps the solution is right in front of you…

Should you wash new clothes?

For many people, the thought of chemicals in our new clothing is unfathomable as we unconsciously throw on our brand-new clothes without a second thought, completely oblivious to any type of hazardous in the fabric. However, the real dangers potentially looming within the fabric of these clothing may make you change your mind. In 2012 a report by Greenpeace called “Toxic Threads: The Big Fashion Stich-Up”, confirmed that major brands such as Zara, Levi’s, Mango, Calvin Klein, and H&M, were making and selling clothing that contained hazardous chemicals. Yikes! And even worse, the number of chemicals in the fabric could even be in the thousands! Which leads us to the next issue, the dangers that are associated with having chemicals on your skin, and I mean literally on your skin. When clothing sits on your skin, the chemicals are bound to become absorbed through your skin and enforces your body to have to break down and eliminate these chemicals. But while there is no concrete evidence to link the toxins in our clothes with health-related issues, studies did find that certain chemicals present in new clothing were found to have caused cancer in rats and can be damaging in high concentrations. These results conclusively back the importance of pre-treating and washing new clothes before actually wearing these fabrics on your body.

How to remove chemical odor from new clothes

New clothing contains a number of chemicals embedded in the fabric that can be triggering sensitivities or irritation. Many clothing stores have coated their clothing with chemicals for different purposes from aesthetic reasons to maintain a vibrant color, or even chemicals to inhibit wrinkles in the fabric. Although we want our clothes to look good and be wrinkle free, the cost of these options outweighs the benefits. One of the most toxic pieces of clothing you can buy is new jeans. New jeans smell can be not only pungent but hazardous with a load of chemicals and dyes in the fabric. The top chemicals usually present in new clothing include acrylic, azo dyes, phthalates, nanosilver, and sometimes even formaldehyde. All of these chemicals toxic in some form or another, which propels the need for removing these chemicals as soon as possible from the clothing.

Removing new clothes smell

Vinegar, baking soda, and borax are all different concoctions used in DIY’s to remove smells from your clothing. Many people will swear by these three items as magical odor removal ingredients but for those with chemical sensitivities, these will just intensify the smells in the clothing. It can be a real challenge to find solutions that don’t just mask the odor with another odor, as many products will just simply take the odor and replace it with a presumed “fresh” smell. These products will simply not work for those with chemical sensitivity. Rather than suffering from chemical and odor smell on your clothes, try using a laundry enhancer that can break down the chemicals and odors. But wait, is there such a product? Why yes, there is and once you try it you will be hooked. The EnviroKlenz Laundry Enhancer is a safe and effective laundry enhancer that removed a whole plethora of chemicals and odors in your clothing from fragrances, detergents, fabric softeners, thrift store odors, and strong chemicals. This non-toxic, chemical-free product is ideal for anyone suffering from chemical sensitivities and is a quick fix to any strong chemical and odor smell on your fabric. All you have to do is use the EnviroKlenz Laundry Enhancer in conjunction with your clear and free laundry detergent to remove the new clothes smell in your clothing.

How to get fabric softener & perfume smell out of clothes

Fabric softeners and perfumes are other major contributors to chemical irritation for those sensitive to chemical odors. Fabric softeners contain an excess of chemicals in its composition, as a subtle layer of chemicals is used to coat the fabric to create that soft feel on your clothes. These chemicals are called Quaternary Ammonium Compounds and include a whole variety of ingredients that could compromise your health. For people who are sensitive to chemicals avoid using any fragrance or chemical-filled laundry products to protect your clothes and yourself from chemical exposure. Even protecting your washing machine could be necessary. Often times fabric softeners and detergent can get trapped inside your washing machine and imprint this odor on any clothes place in the washer. Ensuring that you deodorize your washing machine of all chemicals and odors trapped in the machine is important for someone suffering from chemical sensitivities as they may be using a communal washing machine, or someone may have used these toxic items in their laundry machine unknowingly. The EnviroKlenz Washing Machine Deodorizer & Cleaner was specifically designed to help remove and neutralize odor-causing residues that build up in your washing machine over time

Tips on How to Get Strong Detergent Smell Out of Clothing

Detergent is a tricky product when it comes to practicing a safe laundry routine. While laundry detergents come in all kinds of pleasant fragrances that may make our clothes smell “nice,” the side-effects of these chemical-packed fragrances are not so nice for those with chemical sensitivities and allergies to detergent. In an effort to cut out toxins in your home laundry routine, it is wise to choose a solution that not only eliminates the strong smell of detergent, but also leaves out common components of laundry products that can be harsh to your skin or fabrics. EnviroKlenz has redesigned its well-known Liquid Laundry Enhancer to be more eco-friendly while still providing the same effective results with its non-toxic formula. This laundry additive can get out new clothes smells, sweat odors, mildew odors, fragrances, and of course, detergent smell found in clothing that don’t always disappear after a regular wash. Plus, as you keep your clothes fresh and odor-free, you can also keep the planet safe too by recycling the biodegradable outer packaging of this nifty product! It’s safe to say that the Liquid Laundry Enhancer is an essential item for your laundry room. 

Another tip to remember for keeping your laundry routine a bit more allergy-friendly is switching your laundry detergent to a clear and free option that does not have chemicals, dyes, or fragrances added into its formula. This simple switch could save you from the unbearable smells, as well as the annoying reactions that could come with them, like rashes or throat and nose irritations from the strong smell of detergent.  

How to clean thrift store clothing

Thrift store shopping has become a popular trend, as many feel the value and overall variety at thrift stores are greater than at conventional clothing stores. Thrift stores like Goodwill and Plato’s closet are among the top leaders in thrift stores and secondhand shopping with tons of shoppers each day. But what if you wanted desperately to become a thrift shopper, but your sensitivities to chemicals prohibited that possibility? Secondhand clothing tends to have lingering odors from previous owners as well as chemical treatments from thrift stores’ efforts to clean these garments before selling them. Having a treatment plan to remove chemicals and odors in your thrift store clothing left behind by previous owners can be a lifesaver for those with chemical sensitivities. The EnviroKlenz Laundry Enhancer is safe and effective against thrift store odors and previous odors and chemicals left behind by its past owners. EnviroKlenz utilizes a natural earth mineral technology that is safe and non-toxic for any person with chemical sensitivities to use. Just use the EnviroKlenz Laundry Enhancer with your regular, non-scented laundry detergent on a warm water cycle to expel the harsh chemical and odors left in your clothing.

Laundry Enhancer Liquid 

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Works to remove chemical & malodors from all machine safe fabrics

Easy and effective application, used in conjunction with a non-scented laundry detergent

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