Safe, Deodorizers for MCS Sufferers & Others With Chemical & Environmental Sensitivities

We mean it: no fragrances, no toxic chemicals, and no additional compounds released into the atmosphere. Just safe, effective neutralization of allergy- and sensitivity-offending triggers.

Mass market odor & chemical “neutralizers” often still leave the harmful compounds in the air, just with a “coating” around them that means they don’t get picked up by smell receptors.

And while this does take care of the smell, it doesn’t eliminate the actual harmful chemicals or the source of the odor.

Plus, most of them also contain some sort of perfume inside their product, leaving that to linger in the air. This adds, even more, irritation to the air for people who are sensitive to perfume. (Which is as much as 30% of the population.*)

EnviroKlenz products, on the other hand, are neutralizers in the true sense of the word.

When our patented earth mineral technology come in contact with a toxic smell or chemical compound, they actively and safely neutralize the harmful compounds without the use of masking agents or toxic chemicals. Odors are completely eliminated, and irritants are totally removed from the air. (And all without any unnecessary fragrances or perfumes).

Our Motto: Clean Has No Odor

More than just eliminating odors and toxins from the surface level of different items in your home, we also have a line of products that dig deep into every single bit of your home, ranging from your homes contents, surfaces, and indoor air…. giving our Customers the ability to get rid of toxins and bad odors throughout their homes.

Beyond just bad food smells and pet odors, we help you get rid of the most stubborn odors and VOC’s from your home or business.

Here’s what others are saying:

“EnviroKlenz products can be lifesavers for anyone who needs or wants to live in a home free from toxic chemical exposures. They destroy a broad spectrum of toxic chemicals, including fragrance, tobacco smoke, and pesticides.”Debra Lynn Dadd, Consumer Advocate

“I have had great results with these products as well and tolerate them even with my extensive allergies and sensitivities.”Dr. Jennifer Weinberg

“I love my new EnviroKlenz unit!! This is the only unit that I have been able to put into my bedroom and sleep throughout the night with no issues.” –Judith B.

“When I found out about EnviroKlenz laundry enhancer it sounded too good to be true but I gave it a try. To my surprise, it really worked as advertised. It did an amazing job neutralizing that toxic Laundromat machine residue from my clothes.” –Steve, Brooklyn

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