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“It really might be the best air purifier on the market.”

Chris White

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“The products stand up to their claims. I see the products becoming a staple in my cleaning closet”

-Lisa R.


“I couldn’t believe how well this worked; I’ve used everything from baking soda, vinegar, salt, borax, etc. in different combinations and individually, and this did more in one washing than I had hoped for. When you buy 2nd hand clothes that have perfume/dryer sheet embedded in the fabric, it’s always taken many, many washings/soakings just to be able to wear them which is a waste of water/energy; very frustrating. This product has just flipped that; it only takes a maximum of two washings without all the extra work, and sometimes one washing and the clothes smell fresh. Thank you.”

-Linda E.


“I had a set of scrubs that had a smell of mold that I could not get out. I had tried vinegar and borax. One tablespoon of EnviroKlenz and voila – fresh as ever. I will probably use this at least a drop every load of laundry.”

-Tammy C.


“I have found the mobile unit to be very helpful in keeping my living quarters safe from volatile organic compounds and the face masks in helping me manage environments where I cannot avoid the VOCs.”

-Mary C.


“The laundry enhancer is great. I bought it for my daughter after I bought it the first time because I like it so much. The washing machine freshener worked really well. Better than bleach products. “

-Elaine d B.


“Extremely pleased with customer service; they answer my questions quickly and completely and handled any problems I had (or thought I had) courteously. I love that the room filter has a very quiet Low setting plus 3 additional fan settings above that. It doesn’t clear cooking smells as quickly as I expected but once they’re gone, they’re gone! I feel good knowing my air filter is doing its job without adding undesirable things like ozone, etc. “

-Karen B.


“I have the EnviroKlenz in my room and it is the freshest room in the house. I sleep much better at night and I am very thankful for it. “

-Karla C.


“Best product on the market for allergies! Fast shipping!”

-Denise S.


“Was a little skeptical about the claims of this product but decided to give it a try anyway. Could not believe the results. It does an amazing job. I did have to apply two applications on some tough spots but in most cases, one application cleared up the spot/mess.”

-Linda R.

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