remove new carpet odors


Remove Chemical Odors & Fragrance From Your Home

EnviroKlenz Products are durable and versatile enough to remove and neutralize a broad spectrum of odors throughout your home. EnviroKlenz Everyday Odor Eliminating products were designed to be used in conjunction in your normal cleaning routine and in emergency odor situations. The products are gentle enough to be used to remove odors & fragrances from wood flooring, carpeting,upholstery, and solid surfaces and furniture.

Remove Chemical Odors & Fragrances from your Car

EnviroKlenz Products may also be used to remove fragrances and odors from the interior of your vehicle. Safely remove new car odors and fragrances with OdorKlenz Every day Odor Eliminator. Just apply the EnviroKlenz Every day Odor Eliminator to the source of odor or fragrance in the interior of the vehicle and allow for at least 15 minutes of contact time. Once dry you may come behind with an extractor and extract the EnviorKlenz product out or brush it out of the carpeting and vacuum it up.

Remove Odors and Fragrances from Upholstery

Often odors and fragrance are transferred onto your furniture or bedding from pets, guest, or cleaning products. Traditional cleaning products are designed to mask the odors with perfume and fragrances and attempting to remove stubborn odors with home remedies often require a lot of time and effort and may stain or damage your items if you are not careful. EnviroKlenz Everyday Odor Eliminator was designed to help you remove and neutralize odors from a variety of surfaces without the fear of using harsh chemicals, fragrances. or damaging your items. The product may be diluted down to 4 parts water 1 part EnviroKlenz in a spray bottle and used to remove those tough odors that are in your home and car. Here are some of the more common applications that you may use EnviroKlenz Everday Odor Eliminator with around your home

Remove pet & urine odors from carpeting, hardwood flooring furniture, upholstery, and mattresses
Remove fragrances and scents from your car upholstery, carpeting, seating, and interior
Remove new carpet odors and chemical odors in carpeting
Remove smoke odors and tobacco smell from carpeting

For liquid spills in your home or vehicle, you may use OdorKlenz Absorbent neutralizer to absorb and remove the odors directly from the source. Packaged in a 200 gram canister, it is ideal for taking on the road or on long road trips where accidents are prone to occur.