Apartment VOCs Apartment living is a beautiful, yet sometimes annoying thing to do. Apartments give an option for those that are not quite ready for homeownership or those that for some reason are unable to purchase a home. Often the choices are endless when looking for the ideal apartment to pick as your residence – and even if you think you picked the perfect place, a curveball may be thrown your way, and a stinky one at that!

A home retains a lot of odors – from previous owners, next door neighbors, or even from current events that have taken place inside the space. Things like personal odors, pet dander, cleaning agents used, furniture and flooring installed, and even paint can all impact the smell inside your apartment. A mix of chemical odors & noxious odors will taint your whole indoor area and can sometimes even drastically impact human health upon exposure. Therefore, going step-by-step throughout your apartment and having in place a method on how to deodorize your new apartment can help to not only eradicate the odors but to help improve the air quality inside your new place.

Apartment Odor Elimination

New carpeting, new cabinets, the smell of dog, and even cleaning products can discharge an odor inside your new apartment that can leave your place reeking! What could be the reason for the strong odor from seemingly new items in your place? Unfortunately, today there is an overabundance of chemicals that are used in the manufacturing process for many household items – these chemicals can leave a lasting odor in your apartment as well as contribute to potential health issues that you may begin to experience as exposure occurs.

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are the common chemicals found contained in new flooring, furniture, cabinets, and even in cleaning supplies. Some of the most common VOCs found inside your apartment is formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, benzene, toluene, and perchloroethylene – which all can drastically impact air quality and health upon exposure.

For those who are extremely sensitive to chemicals (those who suffer from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity) or if you are someone who is very conscious of your air quality, the high level of VOCs inside your apartment can be nearly unbearable to stand. If you find that the chemical odors in your apartment make your health astronomically worse, you need to consider an apartment bake-out or VOC eliminating hotbox.

A property bake-out consists of a combination of source odor treatment methods and increased heat that helps to safely and quickly remove VOCs from inside your apartment. To conduct a proper bake-out of your apartment you will need heat, increased air flow, and an effective air purifier for VOC elimination such as the EnviroKlenz Mobile Air System.

As your apartments temperature starts to elevate and noticeable concentrations of odors continue to rise this is the result of the bake-out process which is driving off the chemical odor. But as the heat elevates the VOCs you will need significant air flow and filtration to eliminate these high VOC concentrations. The EnviroKlenz Air System will begin to capture the odors and help facilitate the process by quickly exchanging air.

To learn more about the process of how to hotbox a home to remove VOCs read our full guide, to help make your home livable after significant VOC exposure.

Apartment Odor Elimination