Are You Allergic to Your New Home? How To Get Rid of New Construction Odors


How To Get Rid of New Home SmellBuying a new home can be a very exhilarating time, especially if it’s your first time becoming a homeowner. There will be many things to do and to get used to, once you move into your new house—projects to do, a new routine, new routes to work and school, and getting used to a new neighborhood. One thing many homeowners don’t count on, however, is becoming chronically ill once they move in. This condition, unfortunately, happens to many families that move into a new home. Thousands of new homeowners report symptoms like headaches, fatigue, sore throat, itchy eyes, and not feeling well in the weeks and months after they move in.


Any home can contain harmful substances or allergy triggers that can cause allergic reactions in its residents. Cleaning chemicals, hair products, candles, and pet dander are all things commonly found in homes that are known to cause reactions. Also, pollen, dust, and other outdoor pollutants can enter through the doors and windows, and can also cause symptoms. Whether symptoms arise from true allergies, an autoimmune response to an otherwise harmless substance, or chemical sensitivities, a similar response that causes our bodies to overreact to chemicals, they both cause people to feel miserable and sick when the exposure gets to them.

Hazards in the Structure of a New Home

Hazards in the Structure of a New HomeSo, where exactly do these toxins come from your home? From the floor to the ceiling, building and finishing materials, all can contain chemicals that can linger on their surfaces, or become airborne and affect the indoor air quality. Particularly in homes built more recently, materials like carpet, wood varnish, insulation, and paint will off-gas or emits chemicals into the air. At any time, these materials are used or installed, they’ll sell off-gas for a higher rate, particularly for the first few months.

Another huge factor of allergy symptoms associated with being in the home is mold. Many people go on for years with unexplainable symptoms that become worse when spending time in their home, and suddenly get better once they go away for a few days. Mold is tricky because it’s not always visible. Sufferers may attribute their illness to seasonal allergies or an autoimmune disorder. You can usually find mold in wet places in the home, such as in the bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room. Mold spores are a fungus that needs humidity and warmth to survive, and they usually find those optimal conditions in the dark, hard to see places. It can linger behind bathroom tile, wallpaper, or behind drywall. Once it appears as green, blue, or brown spots on the surface of walls or ceilings, it, unfortunately, may have already spread at alarming levels throughout the house.

Mold exposure can cause anywhere from mild sinus problems to coughing fits, asthma, and respiratory distress. Medical tests have linked it to Parkinson’s disease as well as a condition called farmer’s lung, in which permanent lung scarring occurs.

When you add the natural toxins present in a modern household to new construction, that can be doubly troubling for someone who already has chemical sensitives or allergies. Even for an otherwise healthy person, the sheer amount and combination of compounds present in a newly built home can cause them to become sick. Millions of dollars are now spent each year on medical treatment to try to abate these symptoms or attempt to diagnose what the problem is. Unfortunately, many sufferers don’t realize that their health issues are likely stemming from spending time in their home.

Chemical Odors in a New Home

How to Remove Toxic Paint Fumes - FastWhen you buy a new home, you may be dealing both with the toxins from personal items you bring into the house and from anything left behind from a previous owner or construction workers. The following are some other harmful substances found in the home that can cause severe allergy symptoms.

Personal care products like hairspray, mousse, perfume, and other sprays or deodorants often contain harmful chemicals or volatile organic compounds (VOC’s). While these don’t cause actual allergies (an inherited, high immune response), many people are quite sensitive to the chemicals in them and may experience headaches or respiratory problems immediately after use. When used day after day, the effects can multiply. Plastics, used in packaging anything from personal care products to children’s toys to food storage, also contain harmful chemicals called phthalates that can make us ill, if we end up ingesting them.

Cleaning products may sanitize our homes and give it a temporary (artificial) fragrance but can do more harm than good. Air fresheners, plug-ins, disinfecting wipes, laundry detergent, and dish soap are just some of the products that often contain odor-masking agents like xylene, which do nothing to get rid of foul smells and rather just cover them up temporarily. These chemicals usually work by actually desensitizing our sense of smell temporarily by numbing the inside of our noses. This scent can cause both acute symptoms and permanent damage if the products are regularly used. Many people report respiratory and sinus problems after having used air fresheners on a regular basis.

Other non-chemical allergens found in homes include pet dander, dust mites, and our by-products like particles of hair and skin. The bedroom of your new home is especially prone to causing allergies. That’s where things like dust mites and pet hair can accumulate, particularly on the mattress and linens. Dust mites live off organic substances like our hair and skin flakes. They eat it and then excrete it back onto our mattresses, and they multiply quickly. The buildup of excrement from dust mites can cause symptoms like sneezing and congestion, as it can irritate the lining of our nose and sinuses. You can somewhat prevent dust mites by regular washing of linens, but still may be present in high numbers in the bedroom, if you don’t practice proper air filtration.

What to Do if Your New Home is Making You Sick

Side Effects of Breathing AmmoniaIn most modern-day homes, some, if not all, of these hazards are going to be present. Whether you’re purchasing an older home or a brand new one, different types and levels of toxins can be lingering both on surfaces and in the air. Fortunately, there are several precautions you can take to lessen their effects and to start feeling better.

In any home, proper ventilation, housekeeping, and maintenance are essential. Ventilation allows the toxic indoor air diluted and lessens the concentration of allergy-causing substances. Housekeeping like frequent washing of linen, or cleaning up bathrooms and kitchens right after use can prevent dust mites and mold. Checking dark places for mold frequently is also a good idea, as it often can build up without anyone noticing. When you move in, it’s important to get to know your home and where potential toxins may be hiding, so you can be proactive in preventing and removing them.

EnviroKlenz offers a range of non-toxic and fragrance-free products that can provide a “whole-house” approach to making sure your home is free of any triggers that could be making you sick. The EnviroKlenz branded product line is a systematic approach for removing chemical odors and malodors from a home’s or business surfaces, laundry, and indoor air. This integrated approach ensures that you miss nothing and that homes are as toxin-free as possible.

Removing Chemical Smells From Surfaces

The EnviroKlenz Everyday Odor Eliminator is a liquid odor remover that’s suitable for use on a variety of water safe surfaces, including carpet, wood flooring, and upholstery. This product can be particularly useful for newly installed carpet, which emits extremely high levels of VOC’s in the first few weeks, but also for any spills or even pet accidents. The EnviroKlenz technology doesn’t mask any of these odors, but rather uses a state of the art technology to deactivate chemical odors on a molecular level. They odors become neutralized on contact and no longer a threat to your family and pets.

Removing New Clothing Odors

Clothes that have been in a home where remodeling or new construction has taken place such as, paint, or varnish can absorb and hang onto those harmful VOC’s. The EnviroKlenz Liquid Laundry Enhancer uses the same technology to remove any chemical odors from clothes and therefore eliminates the risk of the associated allergic reaction. If you have inherited a washing machine from the previous owner of the home, you might not know what kind of detergent they used in the washer. Many soaps leave harmful chemicals behind in the washing machine.This product can also get rid of the scent and chemicals from other laundry detergents themselves, which may cause itchy skin or rashes if you have a sensitivity to it. This laundry enhancer also comes in a powder form.

Remove New Construction Odors

Perhaps the best way to get rid of indoor toxins associated with your new home is a proper air filtration and purification system. The EnviroKlenz mobile air system uses hospital-grade technology to guarantee the air in your home or office space stays as clean and pure as possible.

It’s got certified HEPA filtration, but that’s just the baseline. On top of that, we’ve added our own unique-to-us patented EnviroKlenz Air Cartridge that does, even more, to remove and neutralize VOCs, malodors, and fragrances.

It covers up to 850 square feet with a quiet, efficient multi-speed blower that you can adjust to meet your needs. (The low setting is so quiet it’s basically silent. And while you can hear the medium and high setting, it’s a pleasant hum of non-disruptive background noise… it doesn’t sound like a broken lawnmower the way some fans and filters do.)

Better yet, there are no tools required for maintenance, and the filter replacements are always available and easy to purchase from our website.

The Specs:
4-speed controls
Comes with EnviroKlenz Air Cartridge & HEPA filter
Height: 19: x Width: 15” x Depth: 15”
Net weight: 38 lbs (17.1 kg) – Shipment weight: approx. 45 lbs (20.5 kg)
Cord length: 5 feet (7.6 M)
Power: 115V / 60Hz / 1 amp
CFM Rating: 85, 150, 200 & 250
EnviroKlenz Mobile Air System, 250 CFM Type – 115V

It comes on wheels and can move from room to room, covering over 850 square feet at a time. With its three different settings, you can adjust its power based on need. EnviroKlenz also offers a suitable HVAC filter with the same technology that can be used right in your existing HVAC system.

Buying a new home comes with a lot of excitement but also a lot to think about regarding health safety. By using these products and following these recommendations, you can be sure your home will be a place of comfort and well-being, not one that will make you sick.

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  • 4-speed controls
  • Comes with EnviroKlenz Air Cartridge (VOC Neutralization) & HEPA filter (particulate removal)
  • Height: 19: x Width: 15” x Depth: 15”
  • Net weight: 38 lbs
  • Power: 115V / 60Hz / 1 amp
  • CFM Rating: 85, 150, 200 & 250
  • 4 speed blower
  • EnviroKlenz Mobile Air System, 250 CFM Type – 115V
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The EnviroKlenz Mobile Air System is your solution to removing VOCs and chemical pollutants from your indoor environment. With the use of a hospital-grade HEPA filter and an effective earth mineral technology air cartridge, this two-stage filtration is perfect to place in your indoor space to mitigate potential hazards to your health. Whether you have chemical sensitivities, allergies, or are just looking to improve your indoor air quality, the EnviroKlenz Mobile Air System is your answer!

  • Simple and Easy to Set-Up, with Minimal Maintenace 
  • Replace Air Cartridge every 4 to 6 Months
  • HEPA Filter Replaced Every Two Years
  • Quiet Operation, 4-Speed Motor
  • No Chemical Odors Released!
We are confident that our EnviroKlenz Technology will drastically reduce the odors in your home, if it doesn’t live up to your expectations, we will issue a full refund within 30 days of your purchase!

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Hear What People Are Saying About Us…

“With the EnviroKlenz air purifier, you can remove allergens and VOCs from your air without emitting back any junk into my air. Carbon has had its time and I have owned nearly every carbon air purifier in existence. The issue that I was having was the constant replacement cost of carbons and it working on some odors and not on others. Now I can use my one little air purifier and not worry about odors hanging around.”

Myra. B- ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“We just moved into our dream condo on the 9th floor which we waited for 3 years to get. The problem was that the down stair tenants cook with a massive amount of spices that were entering our home. I had three blue- air purifiers runnings and nothing was helping with removing the curry and onion smells. I read a blog post on how to remove curry smell from EnviroKlenz. I took the chance since it had a 30-day money back guarantee and was floored with how much one unit could do against three other air purifiers. I can now enjoy my condo without the obtrusive cooking smells!”

Pamela. S –⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“Works better than most air machines and was smaller than I imagined. I bought it when our house was being painted and was worried that the paint smells with driving us out of our home. Not with this tiny magic box. It really stays on 24-7 in our home and we have never had an issue with it not removing what we wanted it to!”

Thomas V.-⭐⭐⭐⭐

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