Is Peco technology safe? That is a big question for those who have criticized the Peco technology as a hazard due to its re-emittance of byproducts.

The variety and technology in air purification systems can differ greatly, making comparisons of these systems essential to the consumer who wants to ensure their air purifier works for their indoor air quality. Indoor air quality refers to the air quality in and around buildings and houses, as the connection between health issues and indoor air quality has recently been associated in some instances according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Asthma, allergies, and other respiratory issues can be a result of poor indoor air quality, and even as severe as respiratory diseases, heart diseases, and cancer in some. These alarming findings have stirred the need and desire for people to implement air purification systems in their personal environment as a means to improve their indoor air quality and to improve their overall quality of health.

Comparing Air Purifier TechnologiesComparing Air Purifier Technologies

The leading technologies implemented in air purification systems include the carbon technology, PECO technology, and the “Adsorptive Neutralization” EnviroKlenz Technology. These three technologies are among the most prominent and best-selling air purifier technologies available today. We are going to compare these fundamental technologies to see their effectiveness and the safety of each in your personal environment.

Carbon air purifiers is a technology that treats carbon atoms with oxygen which creates an abundance of tiny pores between each carbon atom. These atoms then bond to the activated carbon which provides a great surface area to trap harmful chemicals it can absorb. The activated carbon, though, is where the trouble will start to arise. Activated carbon will act like a sponge and rerelease these chemicals into the environment thus leading you back to a toxic environment, which will possibly compromise your health.

The EnviroKlenz “Adsorptive Neutralization” technology utilizes a patented earth mineral technology that neutralizes a variety of toxic and noxious chemicals and odors. The technology is implemented through a two-stage filtration process that combines traditional particulate removal with the EnviroKlenz cartridge to accomplish what traditional filtration cannot do alone, along with a HEPA filtration for added particulate removal to up to 0.3 microns. This technology is safe and nontoxic to anyone in your environment, and without the worry of re-admittance into your environment.

Lastly, the PECO technology is the technology used in the Molekule air purification system. PECO, also known as Photocatalytic Electrochemical Oxidation is a technology developed by Chief Scientist, Dr. Yogi Goswami to believe that pollutants in the air could be destroyed by oxidation. According to Molekule, this technology can destroy pollutants 1000 times smaller than traditional HEPA filter which is accomplished by a nano-coated filter that is excited by light, which in turns creates a photocatalytic reaction that breaks down pollutants at a molecular level. The byproducts of the system are classified as completely harmless elements that normally exist in the clean air such as small amounts of water, Co2, and other trace elements like nitrogen. However, anything that is re-released back into the environment has the potential to become hazardous to those exposed health and the environment.

A test was also conducted to see the efficacy of the PECO technology versus the EnviroKlenz technology (link: and the results are shown below in the three graphs, with EnviroKlenz represented in blue and the Molekule in orange. These results showed how effective the competing technologies were against VOCs and the PECO technology results may surprise you.