Timilon Corporation granted Innovative Technology Award in Lee County’s 2023 Annual Industry Appreciation Awards

Hosted by Lee County Economic Development and the Horizon Council, Timilon is recognized for its superior innovation in toxin-free air quality, decontamination, and home solutions

Fort Myers, Fla. (October 27th, 2023) – Timilon Corporation, advanced solutions company for chemical decontamination, indoor air quality, and home purification, was honored with the Innovative Technology Award, presented by the Lee County Economic Development office and the Horizon Council. Held at the Calusa Sound Convention Center, the 30th Annual Lee County Industry Appreciation Awards recognized local businesses and leaders that drive the economy, employ the workforce, and shape their industries, throughout Lee County and beyond. Timilon was one among many to be praised for its immense efforts in positively impacting the community, doing so through innovation and quality care for commercial and residential spaces via its indoor air quality technology.

Timilon Corporation, creator of the FAST-ACT technology, has researched, developed, and innovated its patented neutralization technology, utilizing it in a suite of brands that serve various purposes for the central mission of keeping people safe. From chemical decontamination through its FAST-ACT brand, to indoor air quality and home care solutions through its EnviroKlenz brand, Timilon has crafted a safe and non-toxic, yet vastly powerful technology that is able to eliminate toxins and pollutants from different aspects of life. It is from this foundation that Timilon and its brands have grown to help over 6 million people breathe clean air and live safer lives.

EnviroKlenz, maker of the EnviroKlenz Air Systems, has assisted over 200,000 schools, government buildings, medical centers, worship centers, and homes through its advanced air purification systems. Making huge waves during the era of the global pandemic, EnviroKlenz provided solutions for safe reopening and airborne risk mitigation strategies. Its Air Systems, equipped with FAST-ACT technology and H13 HEPA filtration, have been third-party tested and real-world validated for 99.9% removal of airborne contaminants, guaranteeing safety to the highest degree.

The Innovative Technology Award embodies Timilon’s evergreen initiative to continuously innovate and perfect its solutions for the greatest possible impact on mass health and safety. This recognition is an incredible honor and will continue to fuel Timilon’s passion to support the local Lee County community and spread its assistance throughout the rest of the nation and world. For more information about Timilon and EnviroKlenz, visit www.timilon.com and www.enviroklenz.com.


Lauren Baker

Marketing Program Manager, Timilon Corporation

[email protected]


About Timilon Corporation

The Mission of Timilon Corporation is to help individuals and communities create a healthy, safe, and comfortable personal environment where they assemble, learn, live, work, and play. Timilon develops, manufactures, and markets a broad array for patented environmentally safe and effective products, technologies, systems, and applications for the capture, neutralization, and elimination of a wide variety of chemical and biological toxins, pathogens, and other nuisance surface and air contaminants. The Company serves multiple domestic and international educational, commercial, industrial, governmental, military, recreational, and consumer markets. More information is available at www.timilon.com.

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