Let’s Talk Indoor Air Quality Podcast:Chemical Exposure Events and How they Can Impact a Person’s Life

Chemical Exposure Events and How they Can Impact a Person’s Life

In this podcast episode of “Let’s Talk Indoor Air Quality,” we discussed chemical exposure events and how they can impact a person’s life.  Exposures can come from or be triggered by pesticides, paints, cigarette smoke, volatile scented products, aerosols, personal health care products, carpeting, press wood products, cleaning compounds, and many other volatile chemicals.

Our guest was Audrey Hoodkiss, from Ecology By Design in Los Angles, and her life was greatly impacted by an acute exposure to pesticides in the early 1990’s.  Audrey now helps individuals with multiple chemical sensitivity navigate their lives while she simultaneously deals with the same challenges.  She has turned her negative experience into a positive by sharing the knowledge she has gained over the years with others that are just coming to understand what MCS is and how to live a better life.  She discusses some of the details of her exposure event, and how her past career experiences and a fateful day in a furniture store lead to Ecology by Design.  Audrey discusses some of her advocacy work, what it was like before people knew much about MCS, how she lives a heathier lifestyle, and she shares some advice and resources for individuals living with MCS.  She shares what she has learned on air purifiers and what to look for when addressing air quality concerns.

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