4 Natural and Easy Ways to Remove Mold

4 Natural and Easy Ways to Remove Mold

Mold, in some cases accompanied by mildew, occurs in damp places. It’s not a result of negligence, per say, but that does not mean it is harmless. Irrespective of constantly cleaning your tiles, controlling mold can be elusive…. especially since an inclination to harsh artificial methods such as borax and bleach can harm your pets and family. That said, here are some natural ways, suggested by EnviroKlenz, that you can get rid of mold hassle free:

#1. Tea Tree Oil

When it comes to pest and mold control, tea tree oil has proven to be effective. The abundance in anti-fungi properties in the herb makes it one of the best natural fungicide to kill mold. Tea tree oil is prominent since it prevents mold from reoccurring on the surface once it has been cleaned.

A common solution used to remove mold on any surface; fabrics and hard surfaces is the tea tree oil and white vinegar
solution. Mixing 100 ml of each and adding 500 ml of water before putting the mixture in a spray bottle does the job better than any commercial alternative. Before using the solution, the walls should be scrubbed.

#2. Vinegar

Good old vinegar, a great fungicide for removing mold from any surface. Vinegar does not stain walls or clothes when used, all the more reason to use it to curb the spread of mold spores.

If there is a substantial amount of mold, first scrub it using a scrapper and afterward spray the area with vinegar. For better results rub the surface with a kitchen sponge for a few days until the mold completely disappears. Use warm water to reduce the pungent smell. Remember to leave the surface dry.

#3. Citrus Fruits Extract

This method is a tad expensive, but the results are nothing short of impressive. Since it’s a natural extract, it does not leave any acidic smells after use. Therefore, it is safe around kids and pets when used on surfaces. Fruits such as grapefruit, lemon, mandarins, and lime extract will suffice.

#4. Baking Soda

A combination of water, vinegar, and baking soda or water alone is an effective way of removing mold. By simply dissolving the baking soda in the water or vinegar solution and spraying it directly on the mold struck areas, you can kill up to 85% of mold spores. Afterward, scrub the surface to get rid of the residue. Baking soda has a mild scent and can go unnoticed.

What To Expect…

How long do the natural methods take? Well, mold can go away in less than 48 hours. With water present mold thrives exceptionally, without any water, mold dies significantly fast, however, the spores remain dormant. When the spores are exposed to humidity or water, they once again thrive exceptionally. Therefore, once you remove the mold using these natural methods, remember to dry the surfaces. Conversely, you can use a dehumidifier to keep the indoor humidity below 50%.

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