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Black fungus growing in your home can be an alarming discovery in your home. Toxic black mold is one of the most infamous toxic molds because of its ability to grow in houses and the threat it poses to humans. What makes this mold so toxic is its ability to produce toxins called mycotoxins into the environment. These toxins can have a direct impact on your health and lead to an array of health problems when exposed to the mold for a long period of time. To ensure that the exposure time is minimal there are key signs to look out for in your home that can help you to guard yourself and your home against black fungus.

What Causes Black Mold

You may be wondering what leads to the growth of black mold in your home? Mold can grow in the most unsuspecting of environments as long as it meets certain criteria. Black mold needs mold spores, a food source (wood, drywall, cotton), darkness (growth is inhibited when under ultraviolet lights), warmth (mold can’t grow in temperatures that are cold, they thrive in warm climates), oxygen, moisture (caused by water leaks or humidity), and enough time to grow as most mold can grow in 24-48 hours when the conditions are just right. Moisture, however, is a key cause of mold growth in many cases. An accumulation of moisture buildup can be a direct result of poor ventilation in your home. When your home is properly ventilated you are less likely to allow the growth of mold and you don’t allow spores to settle on surfaces for long enough to begin the growth process.

How Long Does it Take for Mold to Grow

Knowing exactly how long it takes for mold to grow can be hard to determine. Mold starts to grow immediately after spores attach to an item. This will trigger the growth of the mold typically within 24 to 48 hours, and the mold will start to colonize between 1 to 12 days after this process. However, for most people, by the time the mold is discovered the mold has already formed creating a problem in your home. Even after you have remediated the source of mold, mold spores will still linger in your home making it difficult to completely remove the mold from your home.

How to Tell if You Have Black Mold: The Key Black Mold SignsHow to Tell if You Have Black Mold: The Key Black Mold Signs

Do you have black mold in your home? Finding out the key signs of black mold that could be present in your home can help you guard and protect not only your health but protect your personal environment from toxins in your air.

Mold Odors

Mold has a very strong smell that can spread throughout your whole house when infected with mold. The smell that mold can put off can be a pungent odor but many times mold can grow within the walls or behind wallpaper being disguised and blocked. You may only smell a hint of a musty odor when the mold is confined, and if that odor persists than you can possibly link it to a mold culprit in your home.

Identifying Black Mold (Hint- Color is Key)

Identifying black mold is fairly easy as black mold is obviously well-recognized for its distinct color among all other mold forms as a dark-black color mold that grows. Most other molds are often white, green, yellow, or a number of different other colors. Black mold appears as a black or dark green mold that is often times slimy looking in texture. Looking out for any dark discoloration in your home can help you stay on the alert for black mold growth in your home.

Moisture Leak

Any release of moisture in your environment that is left untouched can be an invitation for mold growth, such as a recent flood, a leak in your roof, or any other water release in your home. If you see that there has been a moisture leak in your home, the first thing to do is to fix the source of the water leakage, and then determine if any mold has made a home in this moisture area.

Best Method to Get Rid of Black Mold

The removal process to getting rid of black mold can be a difficult task. The first step is to have a professional mold remediation specialist come out to properly remove the source of the mold from the infected surface area in your home. Although many may feel this is the only necessary step you must take to remove mold completely from your home, this is not the case. After a mold remediation specialists come and remove the mold, they can cause mold spores to get released into the air after removing the source of the mold itself. Once mold spores get into your environment and more importantly your air, it can be difficult to remove. An effective air purifier such as the EnviroKlenz Mobile UV System is the ultimate mold spore removal air purification system. This system has a two-stage filtration process with a patented earth mineral technology air cartridge that removes odors and chemicals at the source, as well as a hospital grade HEPA filter that removes small particulates such as mold spores up to .3 microns in size. Within this purification system, you can also find ultraviolet germicidal radiation (UVC) lights that shine above the HEPA, killing any mold spores, bacteria, and viruses collected by the HEPA with a high efficiency of kill.

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