ton the surface of the fabric You’ve put it off for way too long, and now is finally the time that you need to replace that horrible flooring in your home. Whether it is worn out, has unpleasant odors trapped in the material, or even if you are looking to change the aesthetic of your home, new flooring will be your go -to option. The decision, however, will be a difficult one due to the numerous types of flooring available, but when it comes down to selecting a flooring there is something else you will want to consider ahead of the actual look of the flooring in your home – the hazards that the flooring contains and releases into your personal indoor environment.

The installation of new carpeting inside your home will leave the room with a new sleek look, as well as a strong putrid odor that is produced into the air from this newly added flooring. Flooring in general is a challenging item to select for inside your home, with numerous different types, styles, and material that are used that can all bring with them different potential hazards into your home’s environment. From laminate, hardwood, tile, and even carpeting can all contain different hazardous toxins within its construction that can be emitted and released into the indoor environment of your home after installation.

In this article we are going to discuss the potential dangers that lurk in your home’s new carpeting and what you can do to get rid of new carpet smell inside of your home’s air.

How long does carpet last?

Have you had the same carpeting inside your home’s bedrooms for a long time now – maybe 5 or 10 years? Carpeting is a durable type of flooring, but it also has some downfalls when it comes to the life of the carpeting when inside of your home. The fabric flooring is susceptible to spills, odors, tears, and other weathering that will be noticeable on the flooring, especially over time. In comparison to other types of flooring, such as wood, tile, or laminate, carpeting is among the hardest to keep clean as it will show everything (stains, dirt, etc.).

Performing regular maintenance on your carpeting will help to preserve the life of your carpeting and allow it to last longer inside of your home. If you can get a good ten years out of your carpet than you are among the lucky!

how long does carpet last

Why carpet is bad for you?

When it comes to selecting new flooring for your home, you may decide to steer away from the carpet and go with a natural material that contains little to no VOCs within its composition. Carpeting used to be a highly popular selection for flooring, but more and more information came out about the potential lurking toxins in its composition such as VOCs and other hazardous chemicals. As we discussed earlier, very few products today are made with natural products and the processes that many items go through is even less natural – with added chemicals used in the manufacturing process that can end up being released into your home’s air upon exposure to the environment.

The toxic components of carpeting will also include the padding and adhesives that are used in the installation of the flooring in a room. Padding and adhesives contain a different mix of chemicals (VOCs) that are used during their manufacturing process, and as these chemicals, off-gas into the indoor space it will taint the quality of the air and potentially lead to health symptoms from those who are exposed to these off-gassing chemicals.

Toxic carpet symptoms

Carpets can emit VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and the formaldehyde in carpet into the air that has been strongly correlated with poor indoor air quality. In total, synthetic carpeting releases over 40 different chemicals into the air, and two of these chemicals (styrene and 4-phenyl cyclohexane (4-PC)) are both produced from the latex backing that is used on almost every carpeting.

When it comes to the health of an individual that is exposed to the chemicals found in new carpeting, there are a variety of symptoms and health issues they can begin to experience. Volatile organic compounds can lead to wheezing, coughing, respiratory irritation, and difficulty breathing among other toxic carpet symptoms

Detoxing new carpet

A home with carpeting has many other sources of pollutants that will leave their home flooded with different chemicals that are hazardous to the environment. However, when new carpeting is installed inside your home the levels of chemical VOCs will be at a record high that can and will lead to potential issues for both the air’s environment and those that are exposed to these chemicals. These chemicals that are released from carpeting can release a strong odor into the air that can persist for a long period of time after the installation occurs, this process is called chemical off-gassing.

The odors produced from this carpeting can easily be controlled and eliminated on the surface of the material through the use of the EnviroKlenz Carpet Refresher, which was designed to contain and neutralize chemical odors from fabric materials – with a quick application and vacuuming to absolve odors on the fabric.

How to get rid of new carpet smell

The smell of new carpet can not only be hazardous to the health of those exposed, but it can also be very irritating to smell in your home. The chemicals that are used in carpeting will release into the air through off-gassing that will leave behind a strong odor that will be very noticeable in the environment. The carpeting, the padding, the adhesives, and the backing material can all contain chemicals that will be released into the air that will be very volatile in the environment for the air quality and for the health of those exposed.

When it comes to getting rid of new carpet smell, there are many ways in which people will try to expel the toxic smell from their personal indoor environment, including opening windows, adding fans to the affected room, using baking soda on the surface, or even applying vinegar to the carpeting in an attempt to neutralize the odors. Some of these methods will be beneficial in the removal of the VOC carpet fumes that are produced from the new carpeting, but ultimately it will not work to remove the odor completely from both the surfaces and the air.

Treating carpets surface

Treating the surface of your new carpet will be a very labor-intensive process that will require both time and diligence. Each area needs to be spot treated to gain maximum removal of the hazardous toxins and odors that are produced from these off-gassing chemicals. The EnviroKlenz Everyday Odor Eliminator will be your secret weapon when it comes to the removal of chemicals found in your new carpet that is leaving your home toxic.

EnviroKlenz utilizes a patented earth mineral technology that will effectively neutralize and/or break down chemicals and noxious odors from the surface when contact occurs between the earth minerals and the source of the hazardous toxins. The easy application will require a dilution of water and the EnviroKlenz Everyday Odor Eliminator that will be directly applied to the carpeting by working it into the fibers of the carpet using a brush or a rag. After 15 minutes a proper wet water extraction will pull both the earth minerals and the toxins from the carpeting.

Treating the off-gassed chemicals in the air

Air quality is oftentimes not something we think about when discussing new carpeting and the hazards it presents to the environment. However, it is a significant issue when it comes to the installation of new carpeting inside your home. Carpeting off-gasses chemicals into the air as a gas that will spread rapidly and taint the quality of the indoor air and leave behind a strong new chemical odor in the environment. When you treat the carpeting, you may think your job is done but the real issue will now be completely present in your air where chemicals from the new carpeting are swirling around. The best way to treat these off-gassed chemicals that are in your indoor air is through the use of an efficient air purifier for chemical and odor removal.

The EnviroKlenz Mobile Air System is unlike any other air purifier, as it uses an advanced patented technology that is able to effectively neutralize or break down a broad spectrum of pollutants in the air including particulates, odors, and a wide variety of chemicals (VOCs, Formaldehyde, and other chemical odors). The majority of air purifiers fail in odor elimination because they mainly focus on particle filtration. However, with the EnviroKlenz patented earth mineral technology the EnviroKlenz Air Filter inside the Mobile Air System is able to effectively break down and/or neutralize a broad spectrum of noxious and chemical odors that pass through the filters media. If you are worried about the particulates that pass through this filter, don’t worry because they will be captured by the hospital-grade HEPA filter that works as the second stage of filtration – providing across the board protection and filtration!

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