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EnviroKlenz Mobile Air For Mold-Generated (VOCs) Control

How does one know if they have high-levels of VOCs or mold-generated VOCs in their home? It is highly recommended to contact a professional inspector and mold remediation company for mold mitigation, but a tell-tale sign would be the often offensive smells associated with mold-generated VOCs. Looking past the structural damage that mold can cause to a home, which can be resolved by restoration and remediation professionals, breathing in and exposure to mold-generated VOCs can be a serious health hazard to the property occupants because of the potential damage to the olfactory system and temporal lobe.

The moment mold is detectable, the next course of action should be to get professional treatment and eradicate it at the source. Since mold thrives in specific conditions, it is important to resolve the issues that caused the problem to begin such as a moisture problem. Since chemicals and odors can linger long after source treatment and removal, a proper course of action needs to include sustained treatment of the air.

According to Kyle Knappenberger, Director of Technology at EnviroKlenz, “VOCs can be harmful and that’s what everybody needs to understand. Exposure to mold-generated VOCs can turn a homeowner’s life upside down. This is why EnviroKlenz believes that it has the best air purifier for mold-generated VOC’s in the market as the system utilizes a unique and patented process to neutralize VOCs through its two-stage filtration system.”

Health hazards of Mold Generated VOC Exposures

toxic mold exposureThe VOCs produced by molds have been determined to be hazardous to health, since they can damage the olfactory system and even be transported into the temporal lobe of the brain via the olfactory bulb. Some mold-produced VOCs have been demonstrated to be neurotoxic or to cause pulmonary inflammation. Persons exposed to indoor molds and mycotoxins (including mold-generated VOCs) have been shown to exhibit symptoms such as poor memory and concentration, in addition to the more commonly known symptoms of eye and throat irritation. The CDC states “If mold is seen or smelled, there is a potential health risk…”, and the U.S. EPA offers an entire pamphlet for physicians entitled “Guidance for Clinicians on the Recognition and Management of Health Effects Related to Mold Exposure and Moisture Indoors”.Check out our resource page on mold allergies

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Mold-generated VOC control measures

Recommended mold-generated VOC control measures center around ridding the building of the source of the VOCs, namely the growing mold. Contaminated materials should be removed from the structure and disposed of, and the conditions which permitted the mold growth should be addressed.Additionally, the air inside the building will contain VOCs generated by the mold during the course of its growth. To prevent the health effects of VOC exposure, the building air should be purified. Air purification may need to continue for an extended period of time to allow any VOCs absorbed into the building’s interior surfaces, particularly porous surfaces, such as furniture or ceiling tile, to be released.

Best Air Purifier For Mold Odors

Many air purification systems rely on carbon technology to store these harmful VOCs in a filter or bulk media leaving the potential for them to be released back into the environment. The EnviroKlenz Mobile Air System, on the other hand, addresses the VOCs head on by attacking the functional chemistry behind the volatile compounds and retaining them in the patented earth mineral media cartridges through a process called “adsorptive neutralization.” As seen in the company’s webinar series on indoor air quality, the advanced technology plays a key role in the neutralization of VOCs for people living and working in areas where there is a potential for exposure to these compounds. Failure to address VOCs with the right air purification system will gradually worsen the situation over time increasing the potential for detrimental effects as well as the cost to treat these chemical odors.

Another recommended strategy for dealing with mold-generated VOCs is addressing the conditions on the property that allowed for the mold to take hold in the first place. If the conditions still exist, the chances of reoccurrence are high. Air purification should not be seen as a one-time treatment, it needs to continue so that all the VOCs that were released into the interior space of the building, especially the porous surfaces, can be effectively released and neutralized. Ongoing and sustained air filtration and treatment within the building where mold-generated VOCs were seen is highly recommended as well.

EnviroKlenz is one of the most environmentally friendly processes for removing chemical odors from a home or business. Unlike thermal fogging processes, masking agents, and ozone, EnviroKlenz does not release chemicals into the air while removing the airborne molecules that pollute the air and create strange odors. The EnviroKlenz Mobile System is the smartest and most effective solution when confronted with the problem of having to remove harmful and toxic VOCs.

The EnviroKlenz mobile air system is the most environmentally friendly odor restoration process available. It removes the airborne odor-causing molecules without releasing chemicals into the air like hydroxyl, ozone, masking agents or thermal fogging processes.

best air purifier for mold odors


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