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Tips for Churches to Ensure Good Air Quality

Places of worship are often seen as a sanctuary for prayer, spiritual growth, and the coming together of like-minded individuals. Many rituals, actions, and behaviors occur on a regular basis within these environments, carried out by their respective religious communities. To many, places like the church, temple, mosque, or shrine are considered a safe haven; […]

How Does Mold Grow Indoors?

Mold is a gross, smelly issue that no homeowner wishes to deal with. Not to mention, it causes health issues when exposed to. Find out how hidden mold can grow its way into your home and affect you and your air quality.

how to get rid of winter mold

How To Get Rid Of Winter Mold?

  With cold weather approaching, it is necessary to consider how we can best prevent mold from growing in our homes. Mold is a fungus that often grows in moist environments, and because each type has its own ideal temperature, a variety of molds grow even when it is cold outside. As temperatures drop and […]

air purifier for home

Why do you need an air purifier?

  Keeping our environment free of toxic particles is essential to us and our health. Air purifiers have a proven history of eliminating toxins and neutralizing the air inside your home. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, people are quickly turning to purifiers to protect from the latest virus, and as a result, the air quality industry […]

mold in basement

How to remove mold from your basement

  Every so often, the topic of mold will pop up in the news, but the rest of the time, it is all but ignored for the majority of homeowners. They go on about their lives, oblivious that something might be growing in their basement walls. Although it seems like it is a more significant […]

How to Find Hidden Mold in Your House

How to Find Hidden Mold in Your House

  Whoa! Is it just you or has your home acquired a musty odor what seems like overnight? Additionally, you have started to notice spots forming on the surfaces, such as on the walls, ceilings, and even in your counters near the sink or bathroom in your home. All of these signs cannot be taken […]

What are Mycotoxins & Do Air Purifiers Remove Them from the Air

What are Mycotoxins & Do Air Purifiers Remove Them from the Air?

The presence of mold inside of your home can lead to more problems than you may think, especially when it comes to the formation of certain species of mold within the indoor space. Mold is a rapidly growing fungus that will spread aggressively throughout a home, or wherever the mold begins its dramatic formation and […]

Is Black Mold Dangerous Indoors

Is Black Mold Dangerous Indoors?

Have you been inundated with ominous and threatening information about the many dangers and hazards produced from toxic black mold when found growing within an indoor personal environment? Most of the info gathered and published today about stachybotrys chartarum, aka black mold, is pack full of daunting health risks and adverse impacts to the environment’s […]

Alternaria Allergy Effects in a Home

Alternaria Allergy Effects in a Home

The impact that environmental factors can play on human health can be drastic in many cases, as there are many people who suffer from conditions like allergies and asthma that are triggered largely by those environmental allergens and/or triggers that seamlessly float within the air. Typically, most individuals are able to control their exposure to […]

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