How To Get Rid Of Winter Mold?

by | Oct 6, 2020 | Indoor Air Quality, Mold


With cold weather approaching, it is necessary to consider how we can best prevent mold from growing in our homes. Mold is a fungus that often grows in moist environments, and because each type has its own ideal temperature, a variety of molds grow even when it is cold outside. As temperatures drop and moisture levels increase, our homes become ideal places for mold to grow and thrive. We should be prepared for the possible effects of winter mold and do everything we can to prevent the mold from growing.

Learn more about why mold grows in the cold, the allergies you may experience because of this, and how to prevent mold growth in the cold.

Can mold grow in the cold?

Many people assume that mold only grows when it is warm, but this is incorrect. Different types of mold grow during different temperatures, so it is still very possible for mold to grow when it is cold. Even extreme temperatures do not kill molds, but rather deactivate them. The less-drastic temperatures inside homes allow molds to thrive, even when it is cold outside.

When the weather is cold, people are more likely to spend time indoors and keep windows and doors shut. While this makes sense, the low ventilation during winter months results in poor indoor air quality and therefore increased mold growth. You may notice condensation forming on windows or even paint peeling on the walls, which are warning signs that you should evaluate your air quality. Especially in rooms that naturally get wet such as the kitchen and bathroom, it is important that you keep track of water, humidity, and potential mold growth. Since mold growth in the winter is not just possible but actually very common, we recommend paying attention to the signs as much as possible, so you do not need experience potential health effects in the future.

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Mold allergies in the winter

If your home smells musty or you see signs of leaks or other water problems, then you might have mold growing in your home. Even if you do not see visible mold growth, it is still possible that the moisture is well on its way to causing mold, or there may already be mold growth in places you cannot see. It is important to get this under control as soon as possible to limit the effects that this can have on your health.

Any time there is mold in your home, you will likely feel the effects. The symptoms of winter mold allergies may vary depending on the person and type of mold, and people with asthma or weakened immune systems may experience more serious health issues.

Common symptoms of mold allergies in winter include:

  • Runny nose and sneezing
  • Itchy eyes, nose, throat
  • Rashes on the body
  • Sinusitis (sinuses inflamed)
  • Coughing and congestion

Since you do not always see or smell signs of mold when it is growing, one of the best ways to spot it is to use an indoor air quality monitor. We recommend using the AirThings Wave Mini, an air quality meter that also measures humidity, temperature, VOCs, and has a mold risk indicator.

How to prevent mold during cold months

It is difficult to prevent mold growth, but you can follow several precautions to reach this goal. Experts recommend lowering the humidity level, maintaining gutters, being aware of wet areas and drying them as soon as possible, and improving the airflow around your home.

Unfortunately, these precautions do not always keep mold away, and it can be difficult to get rid of mold once it has grown. The EnviroKlenz Air System Plus has been proven to eliminate 99.99% of mold in your home, so you can rest assured that you are doing everything you can to keep you and your family healthy. Our air purifier contains an earth mineral technology that captures and neutralizes odors and VOCs from the air without releasing any byproducts, a medical-grade HEPA filter that captures 99.99% of particles in the air, and UV-C lights for germicidal destruction.

While taking these precautions to prevent mold growth, it is very important that you also monitor the air quality to best assess the situation and be able to react accordingly. With the AirThings Wave Mini, you can monitor the air quality and even see an indicator of mold risk. We want you to stay safe and limit your mold exposure this winter, and we are confident that these products will help stabilize your air quality and therefore improve your quality of life.

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