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How to Eliminate Mold in Washing Machine

How to Eliminate Mold Odors in Washing Machine

Washing machines are seemingly always running within your home, as load after load gets put into the machine to rid it of dirt, grime, and odors that have collected on the materials. Although the exact number of laundry loads each household cleans each week is unknown, you can guess it would be about or nearly […]

Understanding a Formaldehyde Allergy to Toxic Clothing

Understanding a Formaldehyde Allergy to Toxic Clothing

The moment that your body touches the fabric of the new clothing that you just purchased yesterday it sparks a reaction on the surface of your skin that can produce a red rash and a horrible bout of itching. Why is your body having this severe of a reaction to the material of your new […]

The Ultimate Mothball Odor Remover Guide for Your Home

The Ultimate Mothball Odor Remover Guide for Your Home

Do you have mothball odor consuming your home? The pungent aroma of mothballs is an odor that is quickly identified in most environments, with an unmistakable scent that will invade an entire location. Often times we associate this smell with storage or stored away items, and why is this? For years, people have used mothballs […]

laundry detergent allergies

Everything to Know About a Laundry Detergent Allergy

Have you recently noticed a growing issue with your skin? Red, itchy, and inflamed patches that are leading you to constantly pick and itch your skin for relief. Your only conclusion to this pressing issue is that something you are placing on your body is creating a reaction that is leaving your skin irritated and […]

Do You Know What Toxic Chemicals Lurk Within Your Clothing

Do You Know What Toxic Chemicals Lurk Within Your Clothing?

The clothing that hangs on the rack in stores is colorfully displayed for customers with the intent that it will lure patrons in to purchase these items. Some people will quickly grab the clothing, knowing they will purchase it, while others will swiftly go to the try-on room to see what they think of it […]

How to Safely Remove Mold & Mildew From Clothes

How To Safely Remove Mold And Mildew From Clothes

When fabric lies idle in a damp and warm setting, it’s highly likely that mildew or mold will start growing on it, which is usually evidenced by splotchy and/or discolored patches. These two can pose a major health risk when not dealt with quickly, so here are some techniques to help you get rid of […]

why does my washing machine smell like chemicals

Why Does My Washing Machine Smell Like Chemicals?

  The laundry room is a commonplace within your home that is exposed to numerous types of chemicals – from cleaning products stored within cabinets in this room, laundry products used in your washing machine, or even chemicals used in the manufacturing of your washing machine. The typical American home usually contains about 3 to […]

how to remove new clothes smell

How to Eliminate New Clothes Smell

  Imagine the test of trying to find a new outfit at the mall or thrift store and being unable to even try on the clothes, let alone even think about picking the fabric up without experiencing severe sensitivities. Clothing, whether new or old can harbor and contain harsh chemicals and odors embedded into the […]

6 Harsh Chemicals Found in Your Laundry Detergent & Their Impact on You!

6 Harsh Chemicals Found In Your Laundry Detergent & Their Impact on You

Swoosh- swoosh. Swoosh- swoosh. The back and forth of the machine, as it briskly spins the damp clothes around and around. Powerfully it mixes the soapy detergent, engulfing the articles of clothing in its bubbly consistency. Load-after-load the same mundane process in the pursuit of ridding your fabrics of the funky smells of day-to-day activities. […]

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