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Hawaii Volcanoes – Protection from Volcanic Air Pollution & SO2 Gas Emission

Natural disasters occur in the environment, continuously around the world, wreaking havoc on the affected environment and the health of those exposed. Volcanoes specifically have become an increasing concern following the recent eruptions of the Kilauea volcano which is pouring out into the Pacific Ocean off of Hawaii’s Big Island and creating high levels of […]

MCS Travel Tips: Packing Essentials for the Chemically Sensitive

Traveling for the everyday person is a difficult mission, with a long list of preparations and effort placed into each travel excursion. The complete dread that you are faced with before your travel experience could be overwhelming. However, imagine the level of difficulty that would be present for a chemically sensitive person that is set […]

sick car syndrome

Is your Car Making you Sick? Signs and Symptoms of Sick Car Syndrome

  You have probably heard of “sick building syndrome”, but did you know that “sick car syndrome” is now being recognized as well? Just as the term sick building syndrome is used to describe symptoms that appear to be directly related to time spent in a particular building—when no specific illness or other cause can […]

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