Making Your Environment Safe for A Chemically Sensitive Guest

Getting Your Home Ready for a Family Member with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities

getting your home toxic free

If you have a family member coming to live with you who is sensitive to chemical exposures, you will need to set up a special room for them that is free from the chemicals to which they react.While each person with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) has their own unique list of chemicals that trigger reactions, there are some basic preparations you can make that need to be done for anyone who has MCS.Ideally, the entire house would be free from all reaction triggers, but if that isn’t practical right away, start by making a separate “oasis” room where they can always go and feel safe.


Here are the major sources of chemical exposure to remove

  • Supermarket cleaning products are extremely toxic to people with MCS. Instead, clean the room with baking soda, vinegar, and unscented soap (sold at natural food stores). Some cleaning products from natural food stores may be tolerable, but it’s best to stick to the basics at first.removing toxic cleaning products
  • Do not spray any chemical pesticides in the room. If pesticides have been sprayed in the past, try to find out what they were. You can contact the manufacturer to find out how to remove residues of specific pesticides. Remove mothballs. If you need to control pests, look online for natural pest control products and DIY procedures.
  • Remove any perfume, air fresheners, and other scented products from the room and let it air out thoroughly. In particular, get an unscented laundry product so there is no residual scent on clothing and bedding.
  • Remove any furniture made with particleboard, as it emits formaldehyde. If the room or closet has built-ins, they may need to be removed as well. Get unfinished solid wood furniture from an unfinished furniture store for storage.
  • If the room has carpet, remove it. There are few safe carpets available. You may need to lay new flooring, or you may be able to clean up the subfloor. If there is a cement slab, that is a fine flooring. You can add washable cotton area rugs. Prefinished wood flooring is usually tolerable.
  • The room will need to have a natural bed to sleep on. Mattresses made with synthetic materials are usually not tolerable.
  • Do not paint the room! Paint contains many toxic chemicals that most people with MCS react to.

Removing Toxic Vapors & VOCs with a Room Air Purifier

air purifier for allergies
People with MCS usually have a room air purifier in their oasis, to eliminate whatever chemicals that may still be present and not tolerated.When purchasing a room air purifier, you need to choose one that effectively removes chemical gasses.In the past, air filters designed for people with chemical sensitivities used activated carbon to remove chemical gasses. Activated carbon works by adsorption, a process by which the toxic gasses are attracted by and stick to the carbonBut there are problems with carbon filters. Many people with MCS react to the carbon itself and it can be difficult to find a carbon that is tolerated. And, since activated carbon simply collects toxic gasses and stores them, when the carbon becomes full of gasses, the gasses can release back into the air, increasing the amount of toxic gasses in the air instead of reducing them.

The EnviroKlenz mobile air system provides you with a complete 2 step filtration of particulate removal along with chemical and malodor removal. The system is portable and can be moved into different areas of your home for immediate odor mitigation of noxious odors and VOCs. What better way to protect your guest then to provide them an air purifier that is working behind the scenes to remove odors they can detect as well as harmful chemical odors that they may not be able to detect but can cause them to react. No other room air purifier offers you the peace of mind of removing chemical odors from all classes along with a 30-day money back guarantee. For more information on the EnviroKlenz mobile air system click the image below.

HVAC & furnace Filter to Remove Indoor Toxins

Remove VOCs from your home

A new technology is now available that removes toxic chemical gasses by destroying them, rather than collecting them. Rather than collecting toxic gasses like activated carbon does, this new technology makes the gasses disappear completely, turning them back into their harmless elemental state.Mitigating your home’s indoor air quality can now be easily achieved with the EnviroKlenz technology safely and effectively.The EnviroKlenz HVAC filter was designed to replace your normal HVAC or furnace filter and goes beyond particulate removal by turning your existing system into an odor eliminating machine. When your unit is running the filter is working to neutralize chemical odors, VOC’s, toxic vapors, chemical odors(which serve as allergy triggers, and malodors that are present in your home. The filter does not release any material, chemicals, or fragrances into your indoor environment but rather works through an adsorption process to remove and neutralize the odors on hand. The EnviroKlenz HVAC filter typically last 3-5 months under normal conditions and can be used for the most extreme conditions of chemical odor exposure or just to maintain your homes indoor air quality. For more information on the EvniroKlenz HVAC filter click below.



Toxic Chemicals are in Your HomeFrom Visually.

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