The Creation of EnviroKlenz was Inspired By Customers with MCS

Those with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) are exceptionally sensitive to chemical pollutants in the air and have a variety of symptoms as a result of being exposed to certain chemicals.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) was identified in a 1989 multidisciplinary survey of 89 clinicians and researchers and modified in 1999. 

Top Census Criteria for MCS define the condition by these criteria:

  • A Chronic Condition
  • Symptoms Occur Reproducibly
  • Symptoms Recur in Response to Low Levels of Chemical Exposure
  • Symptoms Occur When Exposed to Multiple Unrelated Chemicals
  • Symptoms Improve or Resolve When Trigger Chemicals are Removed
  • Multiple Organ Systems are Affected

Toxic substances that people with MCS become disabled by include any quantity of exposures to pesticides, secondhand smoke, alcohol, fresh paint, scented products and perfumes, candles, fragrances, food preservatives, flavor enhancers, aerosols, tap water, cosmetics, personal care products, new carpets, petroleum products, formaldehyde, outdoor pollutants, newspaper ink, cleaning compounds, printing and office products, and other synthetically derived chemicals.

Remove Chemicals from Your Laundry

One of the greatest challenges people with MCS face is living in a world where toxic chemicals and other odors are everywhere. They are searching for products that use fewer harmful chemicals and effective methods and tools to remove pollutants, chemicals, and odors from their environments. 

By working closely with our MCS customers and learning from their experience and feedback, we were able to develop a product line that address household pollutants and odors that is both effective and safe for everyone – especially those with illnesses triggered by environmental exposures.

EnviroKlenz Vs. Formaldehyde


In this test, an acute release of formaldehyde occurred in an environmental chamber. Once the formaldehyde levels equilibrated around 100 ppm, the EnviroKlenz® Mobile Air System was turned on to rapidly remove the compound from the chamber air. Once the chemical contaminate is inside the proprietary EnviroKlenz® Air Cartridge, an adsorptive neutralization process occurs. This means that the chemicals are retained, without being released back into the environment.

Remove Chemicals from Your Air

I have debilitating MCS and this unit allows me to get some of the freedom that has been taken away from me in the past like inviting family and friends into my own and opening my windows on pretty days. I know that when it is on that my air is as clean as it can be

Augusta T.


I suffer from MCs< EMF, and allergies and have been looking for all in one system that could help me with my allergies.

I have used this unit in my bedroom and have been feeling great.

Kristie J.


We bought our air purifier to help with my MCS. I live in Colorado and the wildfires nearly drove me to death if it wasn’t for my air purifier I wouldn’t be able to exist right now.We use it every day and are very happy with our purchase. Thank you.

Carolyn B.