The creation of EnviroKlenz products was inspired by our customers with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS).

Those with MCS are exceptionally sensitive to chemical pollutants in the air and have a variety of symptoms as a result of being exposed to certain chemicals. These symptoms can affect all systems of the body and range from minor annoyances (headache, runny nose) to life-threatening reactions (seizures, anaphylaxis).

One of the greatest challenges people with MCS face is living in a world where toxic chemicals and other odors are everywhere. They need an effective method to remove these chemicals and odors in order to eliminate their symptoms.

By working closely our MCS customers and learning from their experience and feedback, we were able to develop a product line to eliminate household pollutants and odors that is both effective and safe for everyone—especially those with illnesses triggered by environmental exposures.

We created our EnviroKlenz line especially for people with MCS, asthma, allergies, and others with conditions that are aggravated by exposure to indoor air pollutants. Because our products are made from natural earth minerals and contain no masking agents or fragrances, anyone can use them safely to remove toxic indoor air pollutants and offending odors.


Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS) was identified in a 1989 multidisciplinary survey of 89 clinicians and researchers and modified in 1999.

Top consensus criteria (is this a title? Multiple chemical sensitivity: a 1999 consensus, 1999) for MCS define the condition by these criteria:

  • A chronic condition.
  • Symptoms recur reproducibly.
  • Symptoms recur in response to low levels of chemical exposure.
  • Symptoms occur when exposed to multiple unrelated chemicals.
  • Symptoms improve or resolve when trigger chemicals are removed.
  • Multiple organ systems are affected.

Toxic substances that people with MCS become disabled by include any quantity of exposures to pesticides, secondhand smoke, alcohol, fresh paint, scented products and perfumes, candles, fragrances, food preservatives, flavor enhancers, aerosols, tap water, cosmetics, personal care products, new carpets, petroleum products, formaldehyde, outdoor pollutants, newspaper ink, cleaning compounds, printing and office products, and other synthetically derived chemicals.

Because our job doesn’t stop when we’ve sold you a canister of laundry enhancer or a year’s supply of HVAC filters.

We work with you after your purchase is made to make sure you get the most out of your product and help you live the true lifestyle you secretly dream of if MCS or allergies weren’t a part of it.

And whether you buy our products or not, we want your quality of life to improve…. because you deserve it.

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Safe, healthy housing is the number one health care need of people with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS), Environmental Sensitivities (ES), and Electrical Hyper-Sensitivities (EHS).