How To Remove Nasty Pet Odors From Your Home Fast

How to Remove Nasty Pet Odors From Your Home Fast

Pet Odor RemovalPets can not only be a source of joy for your home but also pain if you don’t make the necessary measures to take care of them, groom them, and train them. Also, removal of a cat or dog odors in a home can be very hard. This is because these odors originate from various sources made up of different elements thus producing the bad smell. The bad odors mostly come from, fecal matter/ urine, litter, dander, scent gland secretions as most pets mark their habitat.

It’s also important to get rid of the small skin flakes or dander and hair. This is because all pets have oils in the skin that are a major contribution to the persistent smell especially when they mix up with the dust in the house and the air conditioner further circulates it.

Here, at EnviroKlenz, we have some tips to help you get rid of these unpleasant smells;

1. Invest In Cleaning Your Carpet

Carpets absorb most of the hit if a pet is present in the house. Prints from paws and odors can persist in carpeting. This, in turn, creates foul odors and stains. The first step in carpeting is by a professional clean them. More so, steam cleaning comes in handy in removing stains and eliminating bacteria left on the carpet. Additionally, if you are looking for an easier method to deodorize and eliminate pet odors from your carpeting, the EnviroKlenz Carpet Refresher can be a great application to your flooring. This technology works by containing and neutralizing the odors upon contact, just apply a layer of the sprinkled refreshers to the floor and vacuum up after 15 minutes of contact time for odor neutralization.

2. A Thorough Cleanup Of Your Furniture

Most pets have a favorite spot on the furniture which they never leave. This results in growth in pet odor over time. Therefore, it’s critical that you consider doing a thorough cleaning of your fabrics. This involves removing cushion covers for your sofas and chairs and cleaning them every few months. In addition to giving that extra scent boost, add a one-fourth of a cup of apple cider vinegar to your washing machine.

3. Invest In A Good Air Filter

It doesn’t matter how many times you bath your pet. They will inevitably stink! It’s by nature that all the furry pets are smelly and they repeatedly shed off filling the home with unpleasant odors and dander. Pet dander can be not only a source of allergies but also the pet odors can be a source of embarrassment to a home.

The best air purifier will have filters that not only eliminate the pet dander or the hair that your pet removes, but also absorb the bad odors originating from the litter boxes or the pet’s bed. Your home will not only be free from allergies or asthma arising from the harmful air pollutants, but it will also ensure that your rooms have free fresh air circulation.

4. Ensure That The Litter Bin Is Clean

You do agree that litter bins can be smelly. It’s therefore advisable to scoop your litter at least twice a day. To remove stubborn pungent odors, use some vinegar into the box and give it a thirty minutes soak. Then, scrub the box, rinse it out and let it dry. Once it dries up, you can sprinkle a little baking soda for extra odor freshness.

5. Use Essential Oils For Pet Odors

Using essential oils is another safe way to eliminate pet odors from your home. They work as antibacterials and are very helpful in case your pet gets into an accident. Lavender, wild orange and peppermint are good examples of essential oils that you can use. Add ten drops of any those essential oils to a spray bottle containing a cup of filtered water. This will leave your home looking clean and fresh.

6. Use Of Enzyme Cleaners

Enzyme cleaners can be used on all floor types. When pets especially dogs get involved in an accident, they are prone to going back to the same spot in which they have left their markings every time. Enzyme cleaners help not only to change the smell so that your pet goes where they are required to, but also they also ensure no residual odors left behind.

7. Use Of Pet Odor Candles

There specific candles that have been made to clear all the bad odors in the air. These candles have a variety of scents that help deodorize the air, leaving a great new scent.

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