In the December 10, 2015 EnviroKlenz webinar, Moderator Debra Lynn Dadd, from “Toxic Free Talk Radio,” shared the challenges individuals with multiple chemical sensitivities face on a daily basis and discussed the importance of good indoor air quality.  She shared how she was able to manage and overcome her own chemical sensitivities by minimizing exposure to toxic pollutants in her daily life and reducing air borne pollution through air filtration.  Debra discussed the different contaminates (particles, gasses, and microorganisms) that might be in the air and what to look for when selecting an air purifier or filtration system.  Kyle Knappenberger from EnviroKlenz joined the program to discuss their approach to personal environmental protection by eliminating indoor environmental sensitivity triggers.  EnviroKlenz’s method involves source treatment on surfaces, personal contents, and chemical contaminates in the air.

Kyle discussed a broad array of topics and information on the effectiveness, technology, safety, and process approach of the EnviroKlenz products and air system.  The patented technology in EnviroKlenz provides a safe and effective way to neutralize a broad spectrum of chemicals, fragrances, pollutants, and odors through an adsorptive process that can break down chemicals without the need for masking agents or fragrances.  Comparisons to other products and technologies such as carbon filtration, ozone, and absorbents were provided including results from controlled trials and real world uses in homes to reduce VOCs.  Customer stories were shared and an international user of the EnviroKlenz Mobile Air System joined the program to share her story.  The program wrapped up with a question and answer session and an exclusive offer to program participants.


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