Improving The Air Quality in Your Vacation Rental

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The quality of your vacation rental is what sets you apart from other lodging options in the eyes of traveling guests. Keeping your rental property in top shape, especially in terms of cleanliness standards, has immense value to the longevity of your investment and its success. A consideration that is gaining traction in the current travel and lodging industry is air quality, which is a topic that may seem difficult to approach from a rental host’s perspective.

Take a second to think about the odors, germs, and particulates left behind by guests, not to mention airborne pollutants that creep into your vacation rental from outdoor sources. It seems like a dirty issue when you actually consider these common sources of air pollution that are affecting your rental space, though how exactly are you supposed to ‘clean the air’ in an effort to improve your indoor air quality? It’s easier than you think to achieve, and thoughtful investment in indoor air quality solutions today can positively affect your rental’s scalability for the future.

Follow along to find out what common air pollutants are affecting your rental space and learn ways that you can improve the air quality of your vacation rental through deodorization and filtration.

What Affects the Indoor Air Quality of My Rental Property?

Understanding what the common sources of your indoor air pollution are can help steer you in the right direction of how to tackle the issue. Some air quality irritants are noticeable, like lingering odors from guests that stay at your home or outdoor smells like wildfires that drift indoors, while others are invisible and forgotten, like germs, allergens, mold spores, and particulate matter. Some of these issues are more so an inconvenience to you and your guests, though others can pose risks to the health and comfort of a rental’s current tenant, giving more reason for hosts to care about improving their rental’s air quality as greatly as possible.

indoor air quality of my rental property

Ways to Deodorize a Rental Property

Odors are a huge turnoff to anyone hoping for a fresh, comfortable stay on their vacation or extended stay in a short-term rental. But, who can blame them? Odors can come from many sources, including pets, cooking, smoke, and simply stale odors from a prolonged stay, and while guests don’t mean for these smells to linger, it is up to you as the property owner to properly eliminate them during the turnover cleaning of your rental.

Natural Fragrances

Candles and room sprays are easy options, however most people don’t realize that these temporary fixes can release more unwanted particulates into the air. Non-toxic options like stovetop potpourri can create a fragrant, all-natural scent of fruits and spices throughout your rental that can be pleasing to guests. This is also an easy, cheap trick that you can accomplish by simply picking from your fridge or spice cabinets for supplies.

Air Purification

Alternately, why not go for the fresh, odorless approach with the solution of added air filtration. Using a high-performance portable air purifier in your rental can eliminate odors and replenish the room with fresher, cleaner air; oftentimes, the outcome of having an odorless environment is refreshing and sought-after by guests who don’t want to walk into a room that reeks of overly fragranced fresheners, sprays, or wall plugs. This is something to consider when approaching the issues of odor elimination in your rental, but you can’t go wrong with either non-toxic option.

Do I Need to Clean My Air Ducts & Vents?

Odors are a more cosmetic problem to face when treating your rental’s air quality, though methods of remedying other air pollutants that cause health risks can be more extensive. When you think of the air source of your vacation rental, you probably think of its air conditioning system, air vents, and air ducts that transfer the air throughout your home. Should you be cleaning vents and air ducts in your property? And how do you approach this task?

mold spores & mildew

This is a noteworthy measure for improving your rental’s indoor air quality, but leave air duct cleaning to a scheduled session with a professional every few years. Scheduled cleanings can remove the allergens, mold, dust, pet hair, dead pests, and other particulates that get trapped in air ducts and vents, and the removal of these can significantly improve your overall air quality. You can also clean the outside of your air vents on a frequent basis with your vacuum attachment to reduce dust build-up.

Benefits of Installing an Air Purification System in a Rental

Investing in added air filtration to complement existing HVAC systems and natural ventilation is a valuable measure for indoor air quality improvement, and a remedy to pay particular attention to among the rest. Portable air purifiers are mobile sources of filtration that can capture and remove particulates while releasing fresh, odorless, and unpolluted air back into your space.

Using a quality air purifier in your vacation property can provide the following benefits:

  • Removal of Allergens
    • Creating a safer, accommodating environment for allergy-prone guests can be achieved through air purifiers, which remove dust, allergens, mold, and pet dander that trigger allergic symptoms.
  • Enhanced Cleaning Standards
    • Extra air filtration can become an extension of your cleaning standards for your rental turnover cleaning. Providing this extra consideration is something valuable to post on your listings, which signals to guests your level of care and differentiates you from other properties.
  • Greater Air Exchange Rate
    • With a greater air exchange rate than that of an HVAC system, portable air purifiers are often more efficient for turning over the air in a room at a quicker rate than typical air conditioning. This means quicker cleaning of the air between guest stays.
  • Extended Guest Accommodation
    • Air purifiers are now being noticed as an amenity in vacation rentals. With an air purifier, you can now accommodate for more guests than other properties may be able to serve. With odor elimination, you could allow for pet-friendly and smoke-friendly stays without fearing the lingering smells of each. More health-conscious guests may appreciate seeing purifiers on a rental listing when seeking a safer stay.

For these benefits and more, a notable purifier option is the EnviroKlenz Air System Plus, a portable air purifier that utilizes patented earth-mineral technology for non-toxic filtration of air pollutants. With a double filtration system of their own EnviroKlenz Air Cartridge and a HEPA filter, paired with UV-C lights for added germicidal defense within the system, these medical-grade purifiers are powerful cleaning machines that are equally safe for home use around pets and children. Investing in an Air System Plus could elevate your rental to an irresistible listing, especially when you educate your guests on just how powerful the purifier is at capturing and removing 99.9% of viruses, bacteria, and other harmful pathogens in the air.

Air quality is important for all guests’ health, as well as yours as the host, even if it is something we can’t always physically see. Being proactive with the right solutions can create a safer, healthier space for vacations and short-term stays at your rental property, and your guests will appreciate this extra consideration. Explore the benefits of better indoor air quality and consider the ways you can apply remediations to your own vacation rental for a boosted experience on future bookings to come.

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