remove chemical odors from your clothes

Remove Fragrance & Toxic Vapors From Clothing

EnviroKlenz Laundry Enhancer is your trusted source for removing fragrance and toxic vapors from your clothes and linens. The enhancer was designed to be used with your normal favorite detergent by neutralizing the odors and fragrances from your clothing without the use of harsh chemicals, masking agents or fragrances. EnviroKlenz Laundry Enhancer can be used to remove a variety of stubborn odors associated with sweat & body odors, chemical odors, musty & mildew smell, fragrances or perfumes on new or thrift store clothing, and scents left behind by detergents and fabric softeners.

Removing Fragrance from Clothing

Odors and Fragrances are everywhere and it is often very difficult to totally keep them away from your clothing and linens. For those who are chemically sensitive or suffer from allergies or environmental illnesses, coming into direct contact with fragrances can pose potential dangers to their health. In the past removing fragrance or perfume scents from clothing and linens required a lot of work. The traditional process involved soaking your clothing for 2-3 days (with vinegar or peroxide mixture) and let them air dry for a week or two until they completely were aired out or the fragrances were gone. The process and results that once took you as two weeks to achieve can now be accomplished in one load using EnviroKlenz laundry enhancer. The enhancer works quickly to neutralize and removes fragrances and scents from your clothing on the first wash and get your clothes smelling clean and odor free.

Removing Chemical Odors from your Clothes

New clothing odors are due to the process of harsh chemicals that are applied to the fibers during milling and manufacturing. The use of formaldehyde as a wrinkle-resisting compound is a common process in the manufacturing of new clothing along with the use of other harmful chemicals during the dying and sizing process as well. Traditional detergents are not designed to remove chemical odors and a majority of the detergents available are designed to mask the odors with little to no neutralization to the chemical odors.Newly purchased clothes straight from the retailer often contain chemical odors and some are impregnated with long-lasting disinfectants that can be a deterrent for those who are chemically sensitive or suffer from an environmental illness.EnviroKlenz Laundry Enhancer will neutralize and remove chemicals odors from your clothing such as formaldehyde, perfumes, air fresheners, pesticides, combustion gasses, or tobacco odors picked up at manufacturing plants, warehouses, transport vehicles, or at retail outlets.

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