EnviroKlenz in healthcare

EnviroKlenz in healthcare

Advanced indoor air quality solutions for medical facilities
Redefining what it means to breathe clean air in healthcare, worldwide

Air purification, beyond the standards

Using advanced earth minerals and years of extensive science and research, our FAST-ACT filtration technology captures and neutralizes what other purifiers can, plus everything they leave behind for maximum protection against harmful toxins in the air.

EnviroKlenz beyond the home

A smarter way to manage your air quality

We’ve combined our trusted FAST-ACT technology with intelligent IoT connectivity to create an autonomous Air Quality Management System, the EnviroKlenz SMART Cube™. Paired with an independent SMART IAQ Monitor, the EnviroKlenz Sustainably Managed Air Regulating Technology SMART Cube™ tracks and responses to real-time in-room conditions, for hands-free clean air in any environment.

Built for medical-grade protection

99 1

3rd party validated for 99.9% airborne contaminant removal


Non-toxic & sustainably designed for cost & energy efficiency

Achieves building compliance for ASHRAE Standard 241

Seamlessly integrates with building management systems for customizable clean air

The science behind our belief

Our Customers deserve solutions they can trust to safely eliminate toxins from their environment, without using any to do so. That’s why we’ve extensively and continuously tested the efficacy of our solutions through third-party labs and real-world case studies, to prove our solutions not only work, but are safe for people and the planet.

Unmatched performance















Ensure building compliance with current IAQ standards

Improve building health & safety with EnviroKlenz

EnviroKlenz Air Solutions are built to not only remediate and maintain healthy indoor air spaces, but to meet the clean air requirements outlined in national air quality standards and regulations.

We have been third-party tested and real-world validated in accordance with ASHRAE Standard 241’s parameters for determining air cleaning system effectiveness and safety, helping your building reach standard compliance for clean, pathogen-free air quality.

ASHRAE Standard 241

Want to learn more about ASHRAE Standard 241?

Download our overview about ASHRAE Standard 241 to learn more about how it will play a crucial role your building health and safety strategy.


We’re here to build a more sustainable future for all, which is why we prioritize helping Customers in and out of the home. Our reach spreads far, from schools to worship centers, so our contribution to better health and safety continues to grow.

  • Nurses Station
  • Healthcare Gymnasium
  • Healthcare Cafeteria

Nurses Station

With EnviroKlenz ON

Baseline measurements reveal significant spikes in PM2.5 that are 52% higher than EPA’s national standard, reaching up to 22.6 ug/m3 of PM2.5.

With EnviroKlenz OFF

Levels of PM2.5 average at 8.4 ug/m3, which is approximately 63% lower than average measures taken without added filtration; further, this is 20% lower than EPA’s national standard
FAST-ACT case study - nurse station

Healthcare Gymnasium

With EnviroKlenz ON

Over a three-day span, PM2.5 levels reached 75% greater than EPA’s national standards, reaching spikes as high as 21 ug/m3. These heightened levels are most prominent during operational hours.

With EnviroKlenz OFF

PM2.5 levels are reduced by 88% from the highest baseline measure; indoor air quality is consistently kept below the national standard threshold, and within the Top 10 Percentile for clean air.
EnviroKlenz - gymnasium case study

Healthcare Cafeteria

With EnviroKlenz ON

Initial baseline readings reveal PM2.5 levels at an average of 23.3 ug/m3 over a three-day span, which is 133% higher than EPA’s national standard of 10 ug/m3.

With EnviroKlenz OFF

PM2.5 levels decrease an average of 96% from baseline readings, reducing particulate matter to below 1 ug/m3 at its lowest measure
EnviroKlenz - cafeteria case study
  • EnviroKlenz in Healthcare
  • EnviroKlenz in Healthcare
  • EnviroKlenz in Healthcare
  • EnviroKlenz in Healthcare
  • EnviroKlenz in Healthcare

    Trusted in healthcare around the world

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