The Use of EnviroKlenz Technolgy For Mold-Generated Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs) Control

Tire yourself out.But not from the coughing, sniffling, or fighting off a headache that usually exhausts you.Because when you eliminate mold spores from your indoor space, your life gets so much better. Are mold allergies making you sick?


If you burn something on your stove… no matter how many windows you open or fans you turn on…. that smell usually stagnates for at least a day later

Likewise, if you wait too long to take the trash out.But those things are strong and noticeable.

What about the things that don’t carry such a strong, obvious smell to give them away?

Like mold?

If its presence is strong, you’ll either see it or start to smell something musky.

But even if it’s not strong, the spores spread through the air—100% invisible to the human eye—getting into your system and causing your allergies to overreact, making you miserable…

Not to mention the negative long-term effects mold can have on anyone’s health.

And according to the Mayo Clinic, exposure to mold can cause restricted breathing and other sinus and airway problems. (Which are not fun to live with.)

remove mold generated VOCs

When you can breathe better, everything is better. Sleeping. Waking up. Getting ready. Cooking. Meditation. Watching a movie. You name it, it’s better.

So even though mold is “natural,” it’s what’s known as a volatile organic compound (or VOC), which means that even though it’s naturally-occurring, it’s still harmful to the human body.

The good news is, though, you don’t have to meticulously inspect your home every few days for visible traces of mold.

Something as simple as a VOC-focused HVAC filter can make a world of difference in your indoor air quality… actively removing any traces of mold spores… both purifying your air and reducing the amount of mold in your home if any.

Understanding the long-term effects and risks of environmental exposures to a variety of chemicals is of paramount importance. According to the Mayo clinic, if you have a mold allergy, your immune system overreacts when you breathe in mold spores. This triggers a cascade of reactions that lead to allergic symptoms. Like other allergies, a mold allergy can make you cough, make your eyes itch and cause other symptoms that make you miserable. In some people, mold allergy is linked to asthma and exposure causes restricted breathing and other airway symptoms

via..mayo clinic:

Background on mold-generated VOCs

Indoor mold growth has long been associated with a musty or earthy smell, which most people find offensive. This characteristic smell has been found to result from the production of VOCs by various molds, such as Aspergillus and Penicillium species.Many different indoor molds produce VOCs, and a large variety of VOCs may be produced depending upon the species of mold, the specific conditions under which it is growing, and the substrate it is growing on.

Health hazards

The VOCs produced by molds have been determined to be hazardous to the health since they can damage the olfactory system and even be transported into the temporal lobe of the brain via the olfactory bulb. Some mold-produced VOCs have been demonstrated to be neurotoxic or to cause pulmonary inflammation. Persons exposed to indoor molds and mycotoxins (including mold-generated VOCs) have been shown to exhibit symptoms such as poor memory and concentration, in addition to the more commonly known symptoms of eye and throat irritation. The CDC states “If mold is seen or smelled, there is a potential health risk…”, and the U.S. EPA offers an entire pamphlet for physicians entitled “Guidance for Clinicians on the Recognition and Management of Health Effects Related to Mold Exposure and Moisture Indoors”.

Mold-generated VOC control measures

Recommended mold-generated VOC control measures center around ridding the building of the source of the VOCs, namely the growing mold. Contaminated materials should be removed from the structure and disposed of, and the conditions which permitted the mold growth should be addressed.Additionally, the air inside the building will contain VOCs generated by the mold during the course of its growth. To prevent the health effects of VOC exposure, the building air should be purified. Air purification may need to continue for an extended period of time to allow any VOCs absorbed into the building’s interior surfaces, particularly porous surfaces, such as furniture or ceiling tile, to be released.

Mechanism of action

Timilon, a leader in next generation decontamination and deodorization technologies, has introduced the EnviroKlenz-Air technology for non-invasive odor restoration. The enhanced chemical reactivity found in the EnviroKlenz-HVAC Cartridge makes it ideal for removing harmful mold-generated VOCs, thus improving the indoor air quality of water and mold damaged structures.

Timilon’s proprietary EnviroKlenz-Air formulation contains a blend of high surface area metal oxides. The large surface area to volume ratio of the metal oxides makes them highly chemically reactive, and particularly suitable for chemical reactions involving destructive adsorption. Microbial VOCs which contact the EnviroKlenz-HVAC Filter formulation are strongly adsorbed and removed from the air stream. Unlike the VOCs adsorbed by activated carbon filters, VOCs bound to the EnviroKlenz technology will not be released by off-gassing later.

Effectiveness of EnviorKlenz Against Mold Generated VOCs

The EnviroKlenz-Air formulation was tested against 5 VOCs known to be produced by a number of different fungal species.

For this testing, 0.1 g of EnviroKlenz-Air was placed into a headspace vial with ~ 3 μL of test VOC. The vial was capped and crimped, then vortexed to assure good contact between the EnviroKlenz-Air formulation and the test VOC. After 24 h, the vial was subjected to headspace analysis by GC-FID.

EnviroKlenz-Air is a revolutionary, non-invasive, odor restoration process that can rapidly restore an odor-compromised property to a workable and livable environment. When a property has an acute odor issue caused by fire, water, trauma, or other nuisance odors, EnviroKlenz-Air can be immediately deployed in portable air scrubbers to begin restoring the environment. In closing, EnviroKlenz-Air is the most environmentally friendly odor restoration process available as it removes the airborne odor-causing molecules without releasing chemicals into the air like hydroxyl, ozone, masking agents or thermal fogging processes. The EnviroKlenz technology has been proven to be both effective and safe for the chemically sensitive and those suffering from environmental illnesses and is backed with a 30-day money back guarantee.

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