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Exposure to mold in your home can be a possible detriment to your overall health. Mold illness is a primary elicitor to many diseases, conditions and symptoms for many people. Experts have even gone as far as classifying mold-illness as a chronic inflammatory response syndrome, that sets off an inflammatory response without a purpose. Black mold, or Stachybotrys chartarum, should be treated the same as all other molds, with a high level of caution due to the potential health risks it could possibly lead to, according to the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention. If, however, you have been exposed to black mold in your home you will need to follow a treatment plan to help you detoxify your body and your environment of the toxins produced from the mold.

Dangers of Black Mold Exposure

The dangers that black mold pose on your health is strongly impacted by the amount of time you are exposed to this toxic mold. When you are exposed to black mold for a long period of time you become more susceptible to a wide variety of health ailments such as chronic fatigue syndrome, worsening of asthma symptoms, fertility problems, pneumonia, bleeding in the lungs, lupus, cancer and a number of other possible health conditions. Another factor to consider is the health of a person before mold exposure occurs. Those who already suffer from immune compromising conditions can suffer more greatly from mold exposure than those with a clean bill of health.
Treating Black Mold Exposure

Treating Black Mold Exposure

All mold poses some type of health risk, especially with those who suffer from allergies and asthma issues. High levels of black mold in your home can lead to significant symptoms for many people, symptoms from flu-like discomfort to threatening asthma attacks. When this occurs, you need to have a plan of attack to treat your mold exposure induced health conditions.


Reactions to mold can cause an allergy-like reaction that can cause symptoms such as a runny nose, itchy eyes, and sneezing that can be a pain dealing with when exposed for a long period of time. When mold-allergy symptoms hit hard and fast, taking an over-the-counter antihistamine can help to give you instant relief. Symptoms of black mold can hit hard and unexpectedly and cause you a great deal of discomfort, but by taking an antihistamine it can help you to quickly feel back to normal and minimize symptoms caused by mold.


When you are dealing with allergy symptoms from black mold exposure, the best treatment for stuffy nose congestion is a powerful decongestant. Antihistamines don’t do a great job of relieving congestion and let’s be real when you have a difficult time breathing out of your nose it is a terrible feeling and can disturb your sleep. The Mayo Clinic reports that decongestant nasal sprays such as oxymetazoline and pseudoephedrine relieve symptoms of nasal congestion but only for a short period of time.

Prescription Allergy Medicine

For those who suffer greatly from mold exposure, they may need a more extensive black mold exposure treatment. Consulting your doctor is the first step in treating your black mold exposure, and requesting a prescription to help aid you in relieving your black mold symptoms could be exactly what you need to treat your mold exposure. According to Mayo Clinic, nasal corticosteroids help to manage symptoms more effectively than prescription antihistamine medicine. Prescription drugs may be a better choice, however, any medications taken for a long period of time is never a good option.

Treat Your Air

Once you have the initial respiratory and itching problems caused by mold, addressing the culprit that is harboring mold spores is the next step to treating mold exposure. One crucial area to treat in your home is your indoor air that traps mold spores that are collected from the surfaces of your home. The EnviroKlenz Mobile UV Model  is one of the best air purifiers to remove mold and allergens that travel in your home’s air. This air purification system uses a two-stage filtration system with a patented earth mineral air cartridge that removes odors and chemicals that come into contact, as well as a hospital-grade HEPA that collects and traps particulates such as mold spores, viruses, and bacteria that are as small as 0.3 microns in size. This system has the capability to not only trap mold spores from your environment but also can kill the mold spores with the use of ultraviolet germicidal radiation (UVC lights). These lights are located directly above the HEPA filter and shine directly on the collect microorganisms (mold spores, bacteria, and viruses) on the HEPA to kill these organisms with a high-efficiency of kill.

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The best air purifier for lessening autoimmune symptoms is a unit that not only removes the larger particulates from the air with a HEPA filter, but one that also removes any chemical and toxic substances that might be floating in the environment as well. I’ve tried a few different purifier over the years, but the unit I am loving is my EnviroKlenz Mobile Air System.”


“Months after the 2017 Forest Fire Season, previously known as summertime in western Montana, that fine particulate we all breathed for weeks on end continues to be problematic. Persistent sinus issues, in particular, have become a norm. We are planning a big push to introduce our patient population to the Enviro-Klenz family of air-filtration products. The folks at EnviroKlenz have developed an affiliate program that brings long-term benefits to the practitioner as well as the patient; and, they responded immediately to our ask for support, by developing a data sheet specifically for the wood-smoke aspects of their filtration systems. Enviro-Klenz is a responsible and responsive company I am delighted to be working with.”

Nancy Dunne
Executive Director of Montana Association of Naturopathic Physicians


I absolutely LOVE my Enviroklenz air purifier. I live in Los Angeles with very poor air quality. In my home I now have peace of mind that my indoor air quality is safe and relish coming home after breathing in toxic air when I’m out. Detox is the top priority in my home and my air purifier helps me to meet my health goals by preventing toxins from entering my body via the air.

Thank you Enviroklenz!

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